Yumi's Cells 2: First look features Kim Go-eun

A still from Yumi’s Cells 1 (Image via tving/Instagram)
A still from Yumi’s Cells 1 (Image via tving/Instagram)

The first look of Yumi's Cells 2 was released on Tuesday and it features lead actor Kim Go-eun. She plays the titular role in Yumi's cells adapted from a popular webcomic of the same name created by Lee Dong-Gun. The first part of the show, which featured Ahn Bo-hyun opposite Kim Go-eun and Jinyoung in a pivotal role consisting of 14 episodes.

The first-look poster for Yumi's Cells 2 features Yumi’s Love Cell and her Rationality Cell. The two main cells (Love and Rationality Cells) who influenced Yumi’s life in the first part of the K-drama, are expected to work together in the second part as well. The other cells that were featured in the first part, however, are not seen on the poster.

The promo features Kim Go-eun as Yumi with long hair. The last time audiences saw Yumi, she sported short hair and this has led to speculation that there will be a time jump in the show.

Recap of part 1 before Yumi's Cells 2 premieres

Yumi had fallen deeply in love with Koo Woong, a game developer that she had met at a blind date in Yumi's Cells 2. She did not expect to fall for him, considering the first impression he made on her.

In fact, until then, Yumi’s life was run by Rationality Cell. After experiencing heartbreak, Love Cell was never to be seen again. That is until the appearance of Woong in Yumi’s life.

Actually, things were just fine between the two of them, but the relationship only fell apart because Woong did not know how to respond to Yumi’s marriage proposal. His plans were to stabilise his career before getting married. His gaming company was not stable, and it needed so much of his time, energy and investment. He did not want to compromise on that, and therefore he was confused did not know what to say. However, his lack of response seemed like a rejection to Yumi.

Woong also decided to move out of Yumi’s apartment because his ego did not let him stay at her apartment while he struggled financially to support himself. He believed that he was a burden to her. He wanted to ease things for Yumi, but instead broke her heart. Instead of falling into deep pits of depression like the last time she was heartbroken, Yumi decided to end things with Woong for her well-being.

Who is Bobby Yoo in Yumi's Cells 2?

Bobby Yoo, played by Jinyoung also appeared in the first part, but he was more of a supporting character. At the end of part 1, however, the show-makers hinted a romantic entanglement between Yumi and Bobby. The latter had also broken up with his longtime girlfriend at the time, and the two of them seemed to have a lot in common. They have been friends so far, but it would be exciting to see if they take things forward in Yumi's Cells 2.

For one, a lot of fans were rooting for Yumi to end up with Woong over Bobby. So fan wars about who Yumi should be with are expected to begin once the broadcast of Yumi's Cells 2 starts.

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