"No one wants you here": Fans react as Traci Johnson gets involved in the drama on RHONJ

Traci Johnson gets involved in the RHONJ drama (Image via tiki.barber/Instagram)
Traci Johnson gets involved in the RHONJ drama (Image via tiki.barber/Instagram)

Traci Johnson made her debut in season 12 of RHONJ. Since the premiere, viewers haven't seen a lot of her. But in episode five, Traci made her presence felt by getting involved in the drama between Teresa Giudice and the Gorga family.

RHONJ star Traci is the wife of retired NFL star Tiki Barber, who also made his appearance in the new season. During Melissa Gorga and Jennifer's confrontation on the episode, she sided with the former, which made it clear to the viewers which team she was on.

Fans did not appreciate her sudden involvement in the drama between the brother-sister duo. One fan tweeted:

Even before the season aired, she seemed to be on good terms with many of her castmates. Based on her social media, it looked like she was close to Melissa, Jackie, and Margaret.

Fans react to RHONJ star Traci's inclusion in the drama

Fans were not happy with Traci's interference in the family drama. They took to social media to express their feelings.

Many fans also pointed out the irony of Traci preaching about family when she was involved in breaking one long back.

RHONJ star Traci calls out Teresa Giudice for siding with Jennifer

At the Gorga family's pool party the morning after the big confrontation, Joe confronted his sister Teresa about not supporting him and siding with Jennifer. While Traci was present during this argument, she called out Teresa for not looking out for her own family. She said:

"You have to stand up for Joe and Melissa as a family. You are a family and you should stand up 100% for each other because if works both ways. I just think they want you to be more vocal in your support in the exact moment."

In a confessional. Teresa was frustrated at Traci being involved in the family business. She said:

"Here's Traci trying to cause a problem between me and my brother? Really? My brother and Melissa need to stop this bi--- from running her mouth."

The next morning, Traci updated her husband about what happened at the party. She said:

"Teresa did not want Luis to address the video. At least six times he got up and [talked about leaving if she did not stop talking]. And he turned to us and said, 'If I don't leave, how is she ever gonna learn?' I was like, 'Oh I say that to my dog'"

Traci Johnson and Tiki Barber were already involved in drama before their appearance on RHONJ. Johnson began dating her now husband in 2010, and the couple married in 2012, eight days after he separated from his first wife Virginia.

Viewers will have to tune into Bravo's RHONJ weekly to see whether Traci gets involved in more drama and whether Teresa and Jennifer will turn out to be her friends.

RHONJ airs every Tuesday at 8.00 pm ET on Bravo.

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