'No Time to Die' Twitter review: "What a way to sign off as James Bond" 

Daniel Craig in No Time to Die (Image via James Bond 007/ YouTube)
Daniel Craig in No Time to Die (Image via James Bond 007/ YouTube)

As crushing as it may sound, No Time to Die is Daniel Craig's swan song as James Bond. Not that there won't be another actor all prepped to take on the mantle of the invincible assassin, but his flamboyance and flair are hard to come by.

But people move on. Gasping fans came to terms with Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, and Pierce Brosnan resigning from the fictional post. It's unlikely they won't do it for the sixth time.

However, at this point, what's more concerning is whether Craig was given a well-deserved send-off in the 25th bond film.

Fans have mixed feelings about No Time to Die [Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

When the pandemic hit, No Time to Die met with the same fate as most movies did. Production came to a screeching halt and theater owners shut shop indefinitely, meaning the release date had to be pushed. The spy flick was rescheduled thrice before the team could zero in on potential release dates.

While US audiences will have to wait until 8 October 2021 to catch the thriller, No Time to Die has already been released in certain parts of the world and the reviews have been mixed.

Twitter is divided and teeming with polarizing reviews. Fans are flummoxed on whether they want to like the film or hate it. Unsurprisingly, some chose to simply sit on the fence.

#NoTimeToDie (non-spoiler) mini-review: watch it before everyone spoils it. Solid 4/5 - no Casino Royale beater but better than QOS/Spectre + best tenure closure in the series. Possibly a divisive entry for some, I loved some of the bold creative decisions. Owes OHMSS some beers!
#NoTimeToDie Review :It's FANTASTIC ENDING FOR #DanielCraig 💜Actions 🔥🔥Bgm and Visuals 👌👌EMOTIONS and elevations 💯 👍#RamiMalek as Antagonist 👍Lea seydoux Beautiful 😘CLIMAX 💔 😭🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟GO and Watch in Theatres 💜
No Time To Die : 8/10The score on this movie is 👌🏻!! Action was fun, and Ana de Armas is va va vooom!!!! Bit too long.. and i enjoy action in beginning more rather in the end.. also weak villain #NoTimeToDie #jamesbonf #movie #review
Ok have just seen #NoTimeToDie and...Have really mixed feelings. Definitely a film of two halves tonally and structurally.There’s no wokeness, agenda or putting Bond down so don’t worryMy non spoiler review will be coming soon so keep an eye 👁 out…
@007 Absolutely amazing, a fantastic performance by all, stellar from Daniel Craig and what a way to sign off as James Bond
@007 Watched it this morning. Absolutely brilliant with some major surprises, wonderful throwbacks, some fun, some sad moments and plenty of action. Fantastic movie 👍
@007 Saw it at 00.01. Amazing. Still processing it. Deep, action packed, roller coaster of a love story.
@SightSoundmag @AnnoDracula An absolutely spot on review for #NoTimeToDie. To add a couple of minor points: I enjoyed #BillieEilish’s theme as a stand-alone tune but it doesn’t work with the lacklustre titles. Also like #OnHerMajestysSecretService there are too many too clever references to earlier films.
My #NoTimeToDie ReviewA tribute to the incredible arrogance of Daniel Craig. Why Barbara Broccoli gave him her father's legacy is anyone's guessThoroughly predictable #Bondfilm and very disappointing
For your eyes only, here's my full review of #NoTimeToDie for @thedigitalfix 🙌Despite its inconsistencies and weak villain, it bids a fond farewell to Craig’s Bond with an adventure that wears its heart on its sleeve. Yes, I cried.Enjoy!…
Now it’s out (at last!), here again is my review of #NoTimeToDie, a film which reminded me just how hard it can be to say goodbye, especially to a character and performance as remarkable as Daniel Craig’s #JamesBond…
Here’s my #NoTimeToDie Review. If you’ve been following Craig’s Bond with more than a passing interest you’ll absolutely love it. 5/5. Brilliant. If you’re just a ‘cinema goer’ who likes an action/adventure movie with no real interest in Bond. 4/5.

Who's the next 007?

With Craig's license to kill wearing out, talks of a new actor stepping up for the role is doing the rounds. While the English actor once famously declared that he had rather "slashed his wrists," he still returned to play the iconic character one last time.

That said, the 53-year-old also opined that he'd be very bitter upon seeing the keys to Aston Martin tossed over to his successor.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the star said:

"It's very emotional. I'm glad I am ending it on my own terms. I'm grateful to the producers for letting me do that. But I sure miss it. I'll probably be incredibly bitter when the new person takes over."

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, No Time to Die also stars Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux, Ana De Armas, and Naomie Harris in key roles.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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