Noah Hugbox slams Dream for "clout-chasing" via his toxic fandom, leaves the internet divided

Noah Hugbox released a video on Dream stans recently
Noah Hugbox released a video on Dream stans recently
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

YouTuber Noah Hugbox recently launched a scathing attack upon Minecraft sensation Dream and his fandom in his latest YouTube video.

In a detailed 16-minute long video, Noah proceeded to call out Dream for what he perceives as a pattern of excessively pandering to the whims of a toxic community at work.

Over the course of his video, the YouTuber did not mince words as he employed the usage of a rather severe wordplay in his critical summation of the Dream fandom.

From referring to Dream as the master and commander of a "home-grown Gestapo" to accusing his fans of bowing down to a "cult of malignant positivity" so as to remain in the "good graces of their overlord," Noah did not hold back in putting his thoughts forward.

In one of the most viral segments from his recent video, Noah Hugbox clarified his stance on Dream in a rather crude and blunt manner:

"I harbor no ill-will towards the dude really; I just get the impression that he is, as I initially assessed, a f*****g p***y. When someone hasn't exactly faced adversity in their life and been forced to grow a backbone ends up in a position of power, they seem to be ruled by somebody else. In this case, it's 12 to 17-year-olds!"

His recent assessment soon opened up a whole new Pandora's box online and became a hotbed of debate in the process.

Twitter reacts to Noah Hugbox's scathing assessment of Dream stans


Over the course of his 16-minute long video, Noah Hugbox attempted to highlight the negativity and toxicity that often tends to plague the fandoms of most popular content creators today.

Using the example of Dream, he proceeded to share screenshots and concerning tweets from a section of the Minecraft star's community who seem to perpetuate a prevailing atmosphere of unbridled toxicity.

He also elaborated further upon Dream's role in it all and shared snippets of an audio conversation with him.

He eventually accused Dream of being held hostage to his fandom, which in his opinion, seems to be spiraling out of control with each passing day:

"In Dream I found, what I now believe to be a genuinely sensitive dude who has found himself in a situation that is far beyond his control. Over the course of the conversation, I found myself, again and again, sympathizing with Dream. The dude doesn't exactly come off as an intentional manipulator. He just happens to be caught in a situation where he is held hostage by his ravenous fans. He sounded afraid of his audience."

He also shared Dream's perspective on the entire issue of "toxic stans" taking things too far.

In the audio clip, the Minecraft star can be heard expressing the following:

"That's like such a ridiculously small percentage, that to me, it's not even worth acknowledging. By acknowledging it, you make that percentage go up because people that are similar will go and seek out that community. I don't like that community; I think that community's gross, and they need to stop doing what they're doing. The thing is, by me going out and saying that it makes it worse. The best way to minimize stuff like this is to ignore it."

However, his major grouse seemed to be more so against the Dream fandom and not Dream as such, as he slammed them for what he perceives as their "blatant sexualization of minors and outright, freakish cult-like and obsessive behavior."

In light of his scathing criticism, several Twitter users and members of the Dream community soon weighed in on the situation:

On the one hand, scores of fans slammed Noah Hugbox for perpetuating unwarranted hate towards them and for clubbing the entire fandom together as one:

While on the other, another section attempted to see the more neutral side of things:

With toxicity increasingly on the rise in today's digital age, Noah Hugbox's recent video does touch upon a few things worth pondering over.

However, it is the manner in which it was conveyed that seems to have irked a large section of the online community.

As his latest YouTube video triggers a whole new debate online, it remains to be seen how it ends up being eventually perceived and analyzed in the long run.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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