The Kaceytron x Dream "Minecraft" drama that's taken over Twitter 

Kaceytron recently came down hard on "Minecraft stans"
Kaceytron recently came down hard on "Minecraft stans"

Twitch streamer Kacey "KaceyTron" Caviness has found herself on the Twitter trending page after her recent tweets invoked the ire of the Minecraft community.

The 30-year-old Twitch streamer has been involved in a feud with the Minecraft community, whom she referred to as "obsessive stans." Her recent tweets on "queerbaiting" and the use of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) have touched a nerve with the Minecraft community.

On March 21st, she took to Twitter to post a clarification statement in the form of a Google Document regarding the recent backlash coming her way.

The incident stems back to March 19th, where in a series of now-deleted tweets, she expressed her displeasure with the behavior of "stans."

Her statements led many to believe that it was an attempt to accuse Minecraft YouTubers Dream and GeorgeNotFound of queerbaiting their fans:

Image via Kaceytron/ Twitter
Image via Kaceytron/ Twitter

Labeling it as a "false narrative," Kaceytron also claimed that these Minecraft stans were "weaponizing cancel culture" and using it as a means to attack her. Here's how she put it:

"My point in making this initial tweet wasn’t even to “cancel” anybody, but to just point out the inconsistencies and hypocrisy. The action of mine described above resulted in hundreds from the MC community literally digging up things from 7 years ago with no context and trying to weaponize it against me because I said something that they thought was specifically about Dream & George. Literally weaponizing cancel culture."

The rest of her Google Doc revolved around attempts to clear the air regarding further allegations leveled against her. They ranged from her using offensive slurs, being homophobic, and being an alleged Trump supporter.

The situation escalated recently when Kaceytron fired shots at the Minecraft community once again via a series of tweets.

These tweets included a jibe at the creator of Minecraft, Markus "Notch" Persson, and Minecraft fans.

Scores of Twitter users have since slammed Kaceytron's comments.

Twitter reacts to the Kaceytron x Minecraft drama ft Dream and GeorgeNotFound

In a recent clip posted to Livestream Fails on Reddit, Kaceytron had this to say:

"They weaponize cancel culture in a way that's just so vicious. It's like they're not doing it for good. They're not doing it for any real change . They just do it to make people feel like sh*t and to accuse them of being racist and homophobic."

In her latest Twitch stream, she expanded upon these thoughts.


She focused on the "toxic" behavior of stans and called them out:

"These are people who are knowingly and willingly using a term coined by Eminem, a homophobic sexist. I would be afraid too. I feel like a lot of these creators feel like they have been backed into a corner because of these stans. They will go to any length to make somebody feel marginalized ."

She also read out messages of the death threats she's allegedly received from sections of the Minecraft community.

The drama escalated after Kaceytron's sister, Holly Cannabis, joined the stream and slammed Dream and Minecraft community. Dream was also included in the stream to have his own say in the discussion.

Dream clarified that he has always denounced online toxicity and hate for in any form and against anyone.

The conversation was deemed one-sided by Minecraft fans, who slammed Kaceytron, her sister, and their chat for being disrespectful towards Dream.

Several fans also took offense to one particular remark made by Cannabis, where she allegedly called Dream a misogynist.

Twitter was soon abuzz with a slew of reactions. The Minecraft community called Kaceytron out over her own hypocritical "queerbaiting" stance and criticized the attitude of her siblings towards Dream.

Here are some reactions to the drama on Twitter:

The lack of accountability on the part of Kaceytron and her attempt to deflect blame towards Dream and GeorgeNotFound has left several members of the Minecraft community enraged.

With dissent continuing to mount online, it looks like her recent tweets and statements have only exacerbated the simmering backlash online.