#FreeGeorge trends online after GeorgeNotFound is banned on Twitch due to an "inappropriate username"

Image via GeorgeNotFound/ YouTube
Image via GeorgeNotFound/ YouTube

Just a couple of days after being banned from TikTok, Minecraft star George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson's alternate account has now been banned on Twitch.

The 24-year-old Minecraft YouTuber took to Twitter to inform fans about his recent Twitch ban.

The incident took place while he was playing Portal 2 with Sapnap.

In the midst of streaming from his alternate account called "ThisIsGeorgeNotFound," he was left stunned after receiving a notification about his ban from Twitch.

According to the reason provided in the notice, Twitch banned him for reportedly having "an inappropriate username."

The length of the suspension was deemed "indefinite."

Stating that his violation was of a "severe nature," the statement read:

"Based on a review of your activity or content , we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account. Due to the severe nature of this violation or the fact that you've incurred multiple violations, your access to Twitch services is indefinitely restricted"

Due to the questionable ban, several fans took over Twitter with #FreeGeorge and demanded that Twitch lift the ban on GeorgeNotFound.

Twitter users react to GeorgeNotFound's alt Twitch ban with the hashtag #FreeGeorge


One of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers today, GeorgeNotFound is a member of the famous DreamSMP alongside the likes of Dream, Karl Jacobs, TommyInnit, and others.

After a meteoric rise over the past couple of years, he has amassed a stellar following. Fans were enraged upon finding out that he had been banned on Twitch.

The most concerning aspect is that the ban is indefinite unless he appeals. The gravity of the situation was also pointed out by one particular Twitter user who claimed that until his ban is lifted, GeorgeNotFound runs the risk of being permanently banned from Twitch due to ban evasion.

After his unceremonious ban, Twitter was abuzz with a barrage of reactions.

Here are a few reactions to the ban on Twitter:

As Twitter users continue to plead innocence on behalf of GeorgeNotFound, Twitch will do well to provide a bit more clarity on the situation.

Update: GeorgeNotFound's alternate account has now been unbanned on Twitch

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