"Obi Wan Meets Mando": Internet swoons as Ewan McGregor X Pedro Pascal interview video goes viral

Ewan McGregor and Pedro Pascal on Actors on Variety's Actors interview (Image Via Youtube @Google)
Ewan McGregor and Pedro Pascal on Actors on Variety's Actors interview (Image Via Youtube @Google)

Obi Wan Kenobi star Ewan McGregor and The Mandalorian star Wars Pedro Pascal, undoubtedly two of Hollywood's biggest mega-stars, came together recently for an intriguing never-seen-before interview. Pedro Pascal and Ewan McGregor met for an unexpectedly enthralling conversation with each other in Variety’s Actors on Actors series.

The two legends became part of the exclusive interview via video chat, where both the actors discussed some of their brand new projects,namely Halston and Obi Wan Kenobi starring McGregor on Netflix and The Mandalorian starring Pascal. But most importantly, they had a wonderful conversation about Grogu, the most adorable little alien in the galaxy. It is quite evident that the internet absolutely swooned over it.

Ewan McGregor and Pedro Pascal fanboying over Star Wars is all I ever needed in life tbh

An exciting conversation between Obi Wan Kenobi and The Mandalorian stars takes the internet by storm

Ewan McGregor and Pedro Pascal came together for an interview

@spoiler4you This is awesome but it’s the closest we are gonna get to Obi Wan Meets Mando
@spoiler4you I love imagining Ewan walking up to like a boom operator or something, and asking hey were there stormtroopers in my movies

The entire conversation between Obi Wan Kenobi and The Mandalorian's actors is refreshing and exciting to witness and the internet just can't get enough of it. Fans can see the two great actors having a great time as they discuss their latest ventures and the entire Star Wars experience.

Pedro Pascal was highly impressed when Ewan McGregor called the Child “Grogu” right after calling him “Baby Yoda”. The Obi Wan Kenobi star asked the Mandalorian himself about his experience when he had to keep the entire Grogu plotline entirely a secret before the show was released. Pascal disclosed to McGregor:

"That may literally be the very first secret that I’ve ever kept. Don’t share anything personal with me! But there’s so much seriousness around leaked information, and I find it all just a bit too much. I tell my family everything, and I didn’t with Grogu. I didn’t even know what his name was going to be until the second season, but I could just tell that it was going to have such an impact. When I saw the image of this thing, and started reading the scripts and everything, I didn’t want to compromise that in any way. It was easy to not talk about it because it was like, “Nah, I want this to work."

@spoiler4you It's so amazing to see that he hasn't lost the child inside of him, look at him enjoying like a happy kid while telling the moment that happened. I feel the happiness and honesty in his voice. Welcome back, sir. I respect you and your character.
@spoiler4you It's always great when the actors themselves are some of the biggest nerds for the franchises they're working on. Remember, Ewan is the guy who had to be told not to make the lightsaber noises himself.

The interview then took an absorbing turn as both the actors started to talk about the advantages of working with puppet models instead of CGI creations. Pedro Pascal revealed during the conversation that having the Grogu puppet helped him a lot in delivering emotional scenes in Season 2 of The Mandalorian. He exclaimed:

"To not have had the puppet for that, and also the knowledge of its reception from the world and how everyone felt about its creation, its relationship to the history of Star Wars — it was one of the more strange acting experiences that I’ve ever had."
@KamenRiderAliks It’s really such an amazing thing when the actors are such huge fans of the franchise 😭
@spoiler4you @beepbeeptorey You may have already seen this, but even if so, you'll enjoy it all over again!

Viewers can see the Obi Wan Kenobi star McGregor agreeing to that exact sentiment, disclosing how much he loved working with the real Yoda puppet model in Episode I. Later, Yoda was reportedly converted to a CGI character by Episode II, and the actor certainly felt the difference. He said:

"The first film I did, I was lucky to do my scenes with the Yoda puppet. And it was extraordinary because I acted with him. I couldn’t believe I was acting with Yoda… Then they replaced him for our second film and our third film with the digital version of him, and it’s not nearly as endearing. Also, we know Yoda as a puppet. We know him from the original movies as a puppet. So when it was suddenly computer-generated, it didn’t feel like Yoda to me anymore."

@spoiler4you I saw this. It was cute the excitement in they’re faces
@spoiler4you Delightful!! 💗”I got a fright”…so fun conversation 🎉

Throughout the entire conversation, it was quite evident that both of them shared a fond love for the Star Wars franchise. Obi Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor, for instance, said about The Mandalorian:

"It pulled me back into the Star Wars world, The Mandalorian series, in a way I didn’t expect. It blew me away how much I loved it."

@spoiler4you I loved this interview ❤️ I could have listened to the two of these amazing actors for hours!!! 😎

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