"Oh my god, I just saw Jennifer Aniston": Selena Gomez gushes as she recalls meeting FRIENDS actor for the first time in old Ellen interview

Stills of Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston (Images Via selenagomez and jenniferaniston/Instagram)
Stills of Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston (Images Via selenagomez and jenniferaniston/Instagram)

Selena Gomez, the 30-year-old beloved singer, has always been quite open about being a big fan of the iconic sitcom, Friends. As revealed by Selena, the character Rachel Green from the show, played remarkably by Jennifer Aniston, is her ultimate favorite.

In January 2020, Selena Gomez made a guest appearance on The Ellen Show, where she was interviewed by none other than Friends star Jennifer Aniston, who was a guest host of the show. During the interview, Selena was seen gushing over the popular sitcom and especially Rachel Green's character.

At the very beginning of the interview, the singer declared her love for Aniston's character Rachel in Friends by exclaiming:

"Oh, first off, are you guys kidding me? Rachel was my life!"

Selena also went on to recall her first-ever meeting with Jennifer Aniston. During the interview, Aniston told Gomez that she had heard the latter talk about how they met in a bathroom for the first time. When the actress asked Gomez to remind her of the intriguing incident, she said:

"Well, nobody knew who I was. And you were in the bathroom wearing a black dress. And I think we were at Vanity Fair-something event. And I was there with my mom. And I walked into the bathroom. And I saw you. And you were just so nice. You just walked out to the bathroom. And you were going back. And my heart stopped. And I freaked out. And I ran to my mom. And I was like, oh my god, I just saw Jennifer Aniston....You're everything that I wanted."

Selena Gomez heaped praise on "iconic" sitcom Friends

While describing her love for the show, its characters, and what made her happy, the 30-year-old singer said:

"But you know what, though? You know what makes me so happy is that I would watch it on channel 33 at 10:30 every night on Thursday with my mom. And I cried when the whole season was over. But what made me so happy is like, now, people my age and everyone else is just obsessed. And it just makes me so happy for you and for the show. Because it's iconic."

In the interview on The Ellen Show, Jennifer Aniston congratulated Selena Gomez on her then-new CD album, Rare as it was getting amazing reviews. When asked how she felt about the success of Rare, Selena Gomez said:

"Yeah, it's pretty exciting to work on something for son long. It's been four to five years since I had released any of my own personal music. So I was very nervous. You don't really know what's going to happen. And to get the reveiws that I've gotten has validated the fact that I do know I'm a real artist. And I've worked really hard."

Jennifer Aniston then pointed out that the song Lose You to Love Me in the album was a really revealing song. In response, Selena Gomez said:

"I think that was the whole point. As I was younger or when I was younger I felt like it was a weakness to be vulnerable and to share my heart with people. And I realized that everybody else seemed to be narrating my life for me. So, why don't I put something out that is my side of the story? It's not hateful or anything. It's simply a beautiful moment to let go of. And I was really, really proud of it."

Selena Gomez is currently one of the most influential global icons who stands as an advocate of mental health, well-being, and body positivity. Apart from her singing, she has also gained popularity for playing the role of Mabel Mora in Hulu's mega-hit series, Only Murders in the Building, which will soon return for its third season.

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