Our Flag Means Death Preview: What to expect for episodes 4-6

Still from Our Flag Means Death (Image via HBO Max)
Still from Our Flag Means Death (Image via HBO Max)

Our Flag Means Death is a one-of-a-type comedy series that subverts the entire pirate genre by bringing to viewers a refreshing perspective on what a pirate could also be-a gentleman.

The comedy series dropped on HBO Max today and makes for a hilarious period drama for all fans of comedy. The plotline deals with how Stede Bonnet coped with his new life as a pirate and the success of his adventures and pillaging feats.

Our Flag Means Death episodes 1-3 summary

The 10-episode series from David Jenkins and Taika Waititi is not the usual pirate series with bloody sword fights and hidden treasures. It is about an aristocrat who left behind his comfortable life for one filled with the sort of adventure he was not accustomed to or built for.

Stede Bonnet's aim was very unusual- to “kill with kindness” and defeat his enemies by outdressing them. He was kind in him manners, possessed a refined taste and instead of ordering his crew around and intimidating them, he was empathetic and caring towards them. He even paid his crew a weekly wage, read them stories at night, and taught them to channel their emotions through words and creative endeavors, and not violence. Displeased with the new order of things, the crew decided to start a mutiny. But that soon dissipated when Bonnet proved his capabilities as a leader and his ruthlessness as a pirate by killing a British navel officer. Word of his achievement spread around and he was invited by Blackbeard, the dreaded pirate - an invitation he declined.

What to expect next?

The last scene of Our Flag Means Death sees Bonnet and his crew tricked and taken hostage by a Spanish vessel. Bonnet almost stands to lose his life and his crew faces a similar fate. In such a situation, Blackbeard and his crew intervene and reedem the situation. Only the next episode will give an answer to whether Bonnet lives or dies. Moreover, if the Gentleman Pirate lives, how will he be confronted by Blackbeard, whom he insulted by turning down his invitation? It is indeed surprising that even after that, Blackbeard saves him. Does he have other plans for the Gentleman Pirate? Or will Bonnet be able to win the dreaded pirate over to his ways of doing things and show him a new way of living life?

The last episode also saw crewmate Jim's real identity revealed to everyone. Jim is not a mute and experienced pirate. Jim is a woman in disguise, hiding from a woman named Jackie, whose husband she had murdered. Jackie recognized Jim and sent out orders to bring her. What is Jim's fate now? Will she be able to outwit Jackie and run away once again, or will she be brought to trial?

Catch Our Flag Means Death on HBO Max next week on Thursday for all the answers.

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