"Paying to look homeless": Balenciaga Distressed Sneakers brutally trolled over $1850 price tag

Balenciaga's Paris collection (Image via Balenciaga)
Balenciaga's Paris collection (Image via Balenciaga)

Pre-distressed fashion items are not new to the fashion world, and legacy luxury fashion house Balenciaga has not shied away from the seemingly ever-popular trend. The Kering-owned brand recently announced a distressed sneaker lineup for both men and women, with a unique distressed look.

The label calls the line of sneakers "Paris," which includes two forms of footwear - tank top sneakers and mules. However, the fashion brand seems to have gone much further with their distressed look as some of the shoes appeared as if someone had dipped them in highly concentrated acid and then threw them in a blender.

As per the press release, the brand also stated that the shoes “are meant to be worn for a lifetime.” The Paris sneaker line is currently available for pre-order on the official website of the luxury label.

What is known about the Balenciaga distressed sneakers?


While the Paris sneakers lineup is available in a slightly distressed look, there would be hundreds of limited edition units that would come with a “fully destroyed” appearance.

According to Balenciaga’s website listings, the limited edition sneakers come with “full destroyed cotton and rubber” and “rippings all over the fabric.” The shoes would also have the logo of the brand printed on the edge of the shoe sole, and it would appear as if the letters were written with a sharpie of contrasting color. Furthermore, the bottom of the sole would also have an engraved Balenciaga logo.

These extra-special edition sneakers almost look as if the shoes had been buried underground and left to decompose. The cotton fabric showcases a much-frayed look, which also stresses questions about the longevity of these premium shoes.

As per the press release from the luxury label, the new shoe line is:

“A retooled classic design which interprets mid-century athleticism and timeless casual wear in black, white, or red, with a white rubber sole and toe with distressed canvas and rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look.”

The Paris sneakers are available in colors like red, black, and white, while the sizes range from 39 to 45. Meanwhile, the prices are around $625 and $495 for the tank tops and mules, respectively. Meanwhile, the limited edition ones can cost over $1850.

Netizens react to the Balenciaga Distressed Sneakers

Almost all reactions to the distressed sneakers on social media platforms, such as Twitter, found it absurd that the fashion brand would sell such worn-out products for such an exorbitant price.

Many assumed that the brand was trolling users with the absurdity of the cost in contrast to the quality of the product.

Meanwhile, numerous tweets described the Balenciaga shoes’ appearance as something that ‘homeless’ people would wear.

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