“Pink Tape was a big inspiration”: BTS’ V talks about collaborating with Min Hee-jin after recalling her iconic creative direction for f(x)

BTS' V shares the inspiration behind working with Min Hee-jin (images via Instagram/wkorea and Reddit/liluzivert)

Popular magazine W Korea released their interview with K-pop sensation BTS’ V on August 22, 2023. The Love Me Again singer opened up about various thoughts and behind-the-scenes processes of his solo debut album, Layover, and also shed light on his collaboration with Min Hee-jin.

BTS’ V collaborating with Min Hee-jin garnered much attention, as the response was fairly mixed. In his latest interview with W Korea, the Love Me Again singer dished on what made him reach out to the ADOR CEO - a significant one being her most recognized work as visual direction for f(x)’s Pink Tape album.

“I wanted to show a different side of my music compared to my past works and collaborating seemed like the best way to achieve that. f(x)’s Pink Tape was a big inspiration, I reached out to her the moment I recalled it.”

Pink Tape was the 2nd full album of popular SM Entertainment group f(x) and was released in 2013. The creative and visual direction of Pink Tape was considered an incredibly unique concept-driven style, which later became a staple in the K-pop industry.

BTS’ V talks about ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin’s “warm presence,” shares how smooth their collaboration was

ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin recently shot to international recognition after debuting her first idol group, NewJeans, and leading their creative development and direction. Prior to joining hands with HYBE, she was a popular and successful art director at SM Entertainment and worked behind prominent K-pop groups such as f(x), SNSD, EXO, Red Velvet and even SHINee.

With the explosive popularity of NewJeans and their incredibly carried out visual direction, Min Hee-jin and BTS’ V joining hands for the latter’s solo debut album Layover was both anticipated and feared, given the latter's unique taste when it comes to fashion and music.

During his conversation with W Korea, BTS’ V revealed that their collaboration was “productive” and the process “seamless.” He mentioned that he recalled the visual direction of Min Hee-jin during f(x)’s 2013 album Pink Tape. He then added:

“Our collaborative discussions were productive, encompassing every detail, and the entire collaboration process was seamless. She brought sincerity and expertise to the table. She has such a warm presence.”

A few days ago, the Layover singer also revealed just how unique Min Hee-jin’s creative approach was. In a Weverse livestream on August 11, the singer shared that the concept photoshoot was extremely natural and impromptu. He added that it was a new experience for him.

As per translation via X (formerly Twitter) user @miiniyoongs, BTS’ V said,

“This all felt very natural. Min Hee-jin asked to see me, and I went out, and as soon as I arrived, she told me to stand here and there and she took pictures. It was the first time that’s happened. There was no preparation. But it was very natural, And that all was there. I didn’t think it too much like a photoshoot, and instead of an outing? It feels very natural.” (sic)

Meanwhile, V will be making his solo debut with the album Layover on September 8, 2023.

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