“So many activities”: BTS’ V hints ARMYs of exciting promotional materials ahead of release of debut solo album Layover

BTS' Taehyung headlines the September issue of Arena Homme (Image via Twitter/@archivefortae)

BTS’ V, aka Kim Taehyung, made some exciting revelations about his future plans and activities in an exclusive interview with the magazine Arena Homme, for which he is the cover star for the September edition. He is currently busy with promotional activities for his upcoming solo album, Layover.

In an exclusive interview with Arena Homme, BTS’ V was asked about his future activities, and the Sweet Night singer replied by saying there are many exciting activities planned and fans can look forward to them.

“So many activities! You can look forward to it.”

BTS’ V hints at a packed work schedule ahead; ARMYs are excited about his future activities

BTS’ V is busy with a plethora of activities leading up to the release of his debut solo album, Layover, on September 8. Layover marks his first-ever solo album in collaboration with ADOR's CEO and New Jeans' producer, Min Hee-jin. Additionally, it also marks his first-ever official collaboration with Yeontan, his pet dog, to whom the album is dedicated.

Dressed in the best of the French luxury brand CELINE's outfits, BTS' V candidly answered some questions posed by Arena Homme's team. When asked about what activities fans can expect in the future, BTS’ V candidly responded by saying that ARMYs can look forward to a lot of interesting activities in the future and stay tuned for that.

Although he didn't clarify what activities, fans are guessing they are related to promotions for Layover, his brand commitments, or perhaps surprise activities he plans to reveal in the future. Nonetheless, ARMYs are excited about the brief revelation and are anticipating his future activities.

ARMYs are well-versed in the fact that BTS’ V is a multi-talented and multi-hyphenated star. Besides being an incredibly talented singer and performer, he can play the saxophone and harbors ambitions to model and act in the future as well.

Although he has ventured into multiple solo activities in the past year, such as starring in his first-ever variety show, Jinny's Kitchen, alongside Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik, Lee Seo-jin, and Jung Yu-mi, investing in the Indonesian brand SimInvest as an investor and face of the venture, and global brand ambassadorships with CELINE and Cartier.

Furthermore, he will be headlining the inaugural edition of Tiny Desk Korea on August 25 as its first K-pop star guest and has flown to Japan for a personal schedule. ARMYs are hoping BTS’ V takes up more acting and modeling work, as the Sweet Night singer has expressed his inclination and interest in it.

This is mere speculation at this point, and more information will be divulged in the future.

BTS' V unveils the second scheduler for Layover with some exciting releases

BTS’ V unveiled the second scheduler for the promotional activities for Layover. In the first scheduler, he released two sets of concept photos with Yeontan and the music videos for two B-side tracks from the album: Love Me Again and Rainy Days.

For the second scheduler, he will be releasing two music video teasers for Blue. On August 28, he will release his past hit singles, Snow Flower, Winter Bear, and Scenery, at 1 pm KST and make them available on music streaming platforms.

On August 29 at midnight KST, he will release the third set of concept photos, and on September 6, he will release the fourth and final set of concept photos for Layover.

Layover will release on September 8, along with the music videos for the title track Slow Dancing and the B-side track For Us. On September 13, BTS’ V will release the music video for Blue, marking the end of the second promotional activity. More information will be unveiled at a later date.

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