"You will be able to see a new side of V": BTS’ Taehyung dishes about his upcoming solo debut in a recent interview with Vogue Korea

BTS' Taehyung talks about his upcoming album KTH1 in his new interview with Vogue Korea (Image via Twitter/@TaehyungUSA)

On August 2, BTS’ Taehyung was confirmed to be the final Bangtan member preparing to release his debut solo album, KTH1 (tentative title). Korean media outlet SPOTV News reported that V (his stage name) is currently working on his first solo album with NewJeans’ producer Min Hee-jin. Min Hee-jin will oversee KTH1’s overall album production which includes the key aspects--music, choreography, design, and promotions.

In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, BTS’ Taehyung briefly dished on his forthcoming solo venture. The Singularity singer shared that he hopes fans are pleasantly surprised to see a new side of him as a soloist.

"You will be able to see a new side of V as a solo singer, different from BTS's V.”

BTS’ Taehyung’s fans are stoked with excitement for his upcoming solo debut KTH1

Elaborating further, BTS' Taehyung revealed that he is nervous but very excited and happy to showcase his unique musical color to ARMYs. He shared that the album is full of his musical tastes and has been prepared keeping ARMYs in mind.

“I am nervous but happy. This album is full of my tastes. There will be plenty of things to enjoy.”

BTS’ Taehyung was referred to as Bangtan’s “secret weapon” during their debut for his unique charms and talent. The Sweet Night singer was the last member to be introduced to the public, and now, true to the tradition, he is the seventh and final member of BTS to make his solo debut.

BTS’ Taehyung has previously participated in the writing and composition of several singles such as Stigma, Singularity, Inner Child, 4’O CLOCK (feat RM), Scenery, Winter Bear, Snow Flower, and Blue & Grey. Notably, Stigma (Wings), Singularity, and Inner Child are official BTS releases. Additionally, his singles 4' O CLOCK, Scenery, Winter Bear, and Snow Flower are all unofficial, Youtube and SoundCloud releases.

Furthermore, Sweet Night and Blue & Grey were originally meant to be used for his debut solo album. However, BTS' Taehyung instead utilized them for the K-drama Itaewon Class and BTS' fifth Korean album, BE.

Hence, KTH1 marks his first official solo venture. Although the album name and release date have not been announced, fans are stoked with excitement for his upcoming solo debut.

ADOR's CEO Min Hee-jin talks about working with BTS' Taehyung

Min Hee-jin revealed that she received the offer to collaborate with BTS’ Taehyung late last year. Although she was initially hesitant to accept the offer due to her conflicting schedules, she was impressed with the Christmas Tree singer’s passion and attitude towards his work. Additionally, she found his vocals very unique and was interested in moulding her music according to his vocal tone.

Careful about not divulging much, Min Hee-jin revealed that they have married BTS’ Taehyung’s musical preferences with her own tastes and want ARMYs to focus on that. They have consciously tried to deviate from familiar music and instead created a hybrid of different musical styles that can resonate with listeners at large.

“I received an offer at the end of last year. I hesitated at first due to the schedule, but I was intrigued by V’s attitude and passion as well as his voice tone, which I wasn’t familiar with. This time, I want [listeners] to focus on the music. We prepared music that reflects V’s preferences while simultaneously is music that I want to recommend."

She further added:

"Rather than a familiar style, we placed focus on music that we want to make and music that we can pull off well. We were terribly busy, but I think an interesting production emerged.”

Min Hee-jin, the producer and creator of HYBE’s popular Gen 4 girl group NewJeans, has previously worked with K-pop stalwarts like SHINee, Super Junior, and EXO. BTS’ Taehyung has dabbled in many genres like R&B, jazz, dance, and hip-hop, and fans are excited to see what direction he takes for KTH1.

BTS' Taehyung's solo album KTH1 has been long in the making. ARMYs are excited to see what KTH1 will entail and what unique music BTS' Taehyung will bring forth with his new album. In a recent Weverse live, Jungkook revealed that he had heard a few songs from V’s album and really liked them. More details regarding the album will be revealed at a later date.

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