"Please be kind": TikTok star Larray confirms break-up with boyfriend Brady Potter

Larray announces breakup with long term boyfriend Brady Potter (Image via Instagram)
Larray announces breakup with long term boyfriend Brady Potter (Image via Instagram)

There seems to be trouble in paradise as TikTok power couple Larray and Brady Potter have called it quits. Rumors of the couple being close to a breakup were swirling around on social media, as Larri “Larray” Merrit hinted at having trouble with Potter on Twitter. Fans also noticed that the two seemed distant after Potter had moved out of their joint home months ago.

Larray became a popular TikTok figure after joining the creator collective Hype House. His hit single Cancelled boosted his career after the video accumulated over 83 million views on Instagram. The California-native had been open about his relationship with YouTuber Brady Potter as the two constantly uploaded videos of them together on their respective channels.

Larray announces breakup with Brady Potter on Twitter

According to PopBuzz, the couple had been dating since April 2019, but the 23-year-old suddenly unfollowed Potter on Instagram, following which fans began to speculate that the two had broken up.

Larray took to Twitter yesterday announcing that the two had ended their relationship. The tweet read:

"Me and Brady aren't together. Please respect our discussion & let us figure things out. Hate is the last thing he deserves, please be kind."

The tweets have since been deleted from his account.

On September 5, Larray posted a cryptic tweet which read “broken". The tweet was accompanied by a heart emoji and fans were quick to assume the two had broken up. After deleting the tweet, Larray yet again took to Twitter, clarifying the tweet by saying:

“The tweet had nothing to do with Brady & I. He deserves the world, promise you that he would never hurt me.”

He also stated that the cryptic tweet was about his “missing cat".

As Larray announced the breakup, fans took to social media to express their sadness. Many tweets had fans saying that they “don’t believe in love anymore".

This is not the first time the couple has broken up. Fans assumed that the two had called it quits in November 2020 when Larray posted a TikTok video with YouTuber James Charles using a soundtrack which was “for couples only", and left fans confused.

Larray and Brady Potter have not followed each other on Instagram since the breakup was announced.

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