Pokémon Oreos: Where to buy, cost, types and more as $1000 Mew Pokémon cookie on eBay grabs eyeballs

Oreo X Pokémon limited edition Cookies (Image via Sportskeeda)
Oreo X Pokémon limited edition Cookies (Image via Sportskeeda)

For Pokémon, the phrase "Gotta catch 'em all!" defines the core values of the entire fandom. The immense popularity of the franchise was showcased in 2016 when the entire world was busy playing Niantic's AR game Pokémon GO, which remains relevant to this day.

There have been several instances where collectables from this beloved franchise have been in massive global demand, causing them to sell out within minutes. On September 8, a limited-edition collaboration dropped when Nabisco's sandwich-cookie division Oreo released Pokémon-themed limited edition cookies. The collaboration was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise.

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Oreos offered a short timeframe for customers to pre-order up to a limit of three boxes of these limited edition cookies. The orders were slated to start shipping on September 13.

Where to buy the Pokémon Oreos? Cost and other details

The Limited Edition OREO x @Pokemon pack is finally here ⚡️ Don’t miss your chance to discover them all!Shop at©2021 Pokémon / Nintendo / Creatures / GAME FREAK

The Oreo X Pokémon cookies are available on the official Oreo website. The cookies can also be bought from local shops or Target and Walmart groceries. However, since the demand for the limited edition Oreos is high with no confirmation of future availability, the product is "flying off the shelves."

Pokémon Oreos limited edition details

According to a promo video on Oreo's product page, the cookies are supposed to have 16 variants of Pokémon with assorted rarity. The Pokémon which are showcased in the product include:

  1. Pikachu
  2. Bulbasaur
  3. Charmander
  4. Squirtle
  5. Jigglypuff
  6. Lapras
  7. Mew
  8. Sandshrew
  9. Cyndaquil
  10. Sableye
  11. Grookey
  12. Snivy
  13. Rowlett
  14. Piplup
  15. Pancham
  16. Dratini
❗️ATTN: TRAINERS❗️16 @Pokemon X OREO Cookies are here... but some are harder to discover than others. Can you discover all 16? 😏


According to official pricing, a 15.25 Oz pack of these limited-edition cookies containing 15 Oreos are sold at $3.88 or more.

eBay listings for the cookies (Image via eBay)
eBay listings for the cookies (Image via eBay)

However, some packs with rare Pokémon are being sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Single pieces of Oreos featuring the rare Pokémon Mew were sold for $250. Some sellers were even auctioning it off, while few wanted $1000 for these cookies. Meanwhile, some boxes are still being sold for a hiked price of around $20.

From the listing , it can be seen that multiple sellers sold single Oreo cookies featuring Mew for $75 and more.

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