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Pokimane before she became famous - from chemical engineering to League of Legends: the story of Pokimane

Image via ( Pokimane )
Image via ( Pokimane )
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 18 Feb 2021

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one of the biggest names in the streaming industry today. Although she started off by streaming League of Legends, she currently streams all sorts of games, including Among Us and Valorant.

However, Pokimane wasn’t always this popular. Born in Morocco, she moved to Canada with her parents at an early age. Her streamer name is a mixture of her first name, Imane, and Pokemon.

The Story of Pokimane

Had it not been for streaming, Pokimane would have been a chemical engineer by now. However, the fact that she makes more money than a chemical engineer would, goes on to show a lot about the current job market and the education system as a whole.

Pokimane’s sense of humor has always been her biggest asset. She began streaming way back in 2013. She was really good at League of Legends, and could probably destroy opponents with ease while joking about a parrot on a pumpkin patch.

At this point in time, Pokimane is definitely the biggest female streamer, with 7.3 million followers on Twitch. She’s also got her own collection on Cloakbrand. However, just like every other streamer, Pokimane’s career has also been marred by controversy.

Anyone who follows streamers and YouTubers will know about Calvin Lee Veil, better known as Leafyishere. Leafy used to create a lot of edgy content on the internet and some of them were even targeted at Pokimane herself.


A huge section of Leafy’s fan base believes that Pokimane was the reason that Leafy was banned from YouTube and from Twitch. Despite her making a statement that she had nothing to do with it, Leafy’s fan base kept accusing her of getting him banned.

There was also a time when the internet was annoyed at Twitch for not banning Pokimane. The streamer accidentally ended up showing some porn on her stream. Twitch turning a blind eye to it drew a lot of criticism from the online community, with many accusing Twitch of being sexist and biased towards women.


She also happened to incur the wrath of the internet when she streamed on her channel without any makeup. It wasn’t the best thing that the internet did to her. There were a lot of people who called her all sorts of names, but Pokimane did take all of it in her stride.

Despite all the controversies that she's been through, she came out in August and apologized to the entire community through a video on YouTube. She acknowledged her mistakes and was repentant about them as well.

Truth be told, Pokimane isn't a very controversial character at all, but she does get embroiled in controversy thanks to her "simps."


People like these tend to blindly adore their favorite streamers, and all of a sudden turn out to be keyboard warriors when someone questions them and their ideals.

Even though she's faced a fair share of controversies, Pokimane continues to be one of the most popular streamers out there today. Those who follow her stream will know how humorous they get. No matter what the situation is, if Pokimane is involved, it’s bound to be funny.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 22:20 IST
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