Police University episode 11: Sun-ho’s identity as hacker Yoon outed, will he be in danger?

A still of Jin Young in Police University episode 11 (Image via Instagram/@kbsdrama)
A still of Jin Young in Police University episode 11 (Image via Instagram/@kbsdrama)
Paige Greene

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Police University episode 11 saw Dong-man trust Sun-ho (Jin Young) and arrive at the port where Mr. Go had a boat ready to flee. The two managed to cuff the criminal and placed him under arrest. Of course, Mr. Go didn't make things any easier.

He threw the phone that he had on him to ensure that the cops didn't get their hand on his phone records. In addition to this, he also confessed that he was the brain behind the gambling ring. He took the fall too quickly, and that in itself was suspicious.

If that wasn't suspicious enough, Mr. Go also balked when Dong-man asked him where his phone was. His answers didn't sit well with Dong-man, who decided to dig further.

Sun-ho and Kang-hee enjoy date by the beach, but danger awaits him in Police University episode 11

At this time, Sun-ho, Kang-hee (Krystal), Bum-tae and Joon-wook had gone to the beach to enjoy some time out. They believed that they had caught the main criminal in Police University episode 11. All that was left was for them to enjoy the fruit of their hard work.

However, Sun-ho was in for a shock in Police University episode 11. After he dealt with his insecurities over Min-gyu's interest in Kang-hee and just when he had thought that things would be smooth sailing, he got a message on the dark web.

He had logged in to his hacker Yoon account to speak to Dong-man. He wanted to tell his mentor that the man was indeed right. Instead, a stranger left a message that shocked Sun-ho.

This stranger seemed to know everything about Sun-ho in Police University episode 11, including the fact that he was now a student at the police university. This stranger also had access to the FIR that Dong-man had typed out when he had arrested Sun-ho and his brother.

How could that be possible? Dong-man had ripped it apart in the end. However, the soft copy could have been handed over to the men who handled the gambling site. They seemed to have connections in many places including the police department. So it would be easy to get access to the soft copy.

What would be interesting is to see how this can be used against Sun-ho and Dong-man in Police University episode 11.

Fans will now eagerly await the next episode of Police University to see how dangerous life might get for Sun-ho. With his identity disclosed, an attack seems imminent.

Edited by R. Elahi
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