“Poor Rachel”: The Bachelor fans react to Rachel Recchia’s situation when Gabby Windey didn’t accept Clayton Echard’s rose

Rachel Recchia from The Bachelor Season 26 (Image via pilot.rachel/Instagram)
Rachel Recchia from The Bachelor Season 26 (Image via pilot.rachel/Instagram)

ABC aired the first part of the finale of The Bachelor Season 26 on Monday.

During a rose ceremony, Clayton Echard confessed to the final two suitresses, Rachel Recchia and Gaby Windey, that he was in love with three of them (including Susie Evans). He also slept with the two of them in the Fantasy Suite segment. This information broke Recchia and Windey’s hearts.

The ladies were seen crying and questioning their love for Echard. As the rose ceremony proceeded, Recchia accepted his rose while being visibly upset and was later left in shock when Windey didn’t accept hers.

The latter and Echard had a long conversation where he tried to convince her that he loved her and would like her to stay. Meanwhile, Recchia was seen annoyed as she was the last suitress standing without a fight and didn’t want to be the person for Echard by default.

What do fans have to say about Rachel Recchia’s situation?

While Recchia was heartbroken and questioning her feelings, Echard succeeded in convincing Windey to stay. She then accepted Echard’s rose reluctantly.

The Bachelor fans reacted to the situation Recchia was put in after Windey left.

Poor Rachel. Getting sloppy 3rds. “Winning” er I mean losing by default. #bachelor2022 #Bachelor
If I’m Rachel after seeing Clayton run after Gabby, my open mind is closed now for sure #bachelor #thebachelor
Rachel doesn't know if she should be happy or terrified she's the only one left. #Bachelor #TheBachelor
Rachel’s card to Clayton on their 1st anniversary #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC #Bachelor
If I were Rachel and saw how much he’s fighting for Gabby to stay instead of just letting her win (since she’s the only one with a rose), I would crumble #Bachelor
If gabby comes back, how will Rachel feel? #Bachelor
Rachel is like, “Don’t make me actually end up with this man, Gabby! GABBY!!” #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC #bachelor #BachelorNation #bachelor2022 #bachelorabc
Gotta give it to Rachel…she has been the most invested in Clayton since the beginning. #Bachelor #BachelorABC
I truly want to know what Rachel was thinking in this moment!! #TheBachelorABC #TheBachelor #Bachelor

The Bachelor finale Part-A has a live audience

The Bachelor finale is divided into two parts: one aired on Monday, March 14 and the second part will air on Tuesday, March 15. It features a live audience and some Bachelor Nation alums who will react to Echard’s finale episode.

While everything was going well before the Fantasy Suite segment, Susie Evans’ exit made things ugly. The show’s lead confessed to each lady that he was in love with them. However, he told Evans that he loved her the most. He had already spent a night with both Recchia and Windey by then, and Evans was irked with the fact that he got intimate with the others despite saying that he loved her the most. This conversation led to Evans’ dramatic exit, which left the other two surprised in the latest episode.

The finalists were heartbroken with the truth, however, they accepted Echard’s rose. Windey needed far more convincing than Recchia to stay on the show.

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