Ranking 5 most powerful Jutsus in Naruto

Sasuke's Chidori and Naruto's Rasengan are both two of the strongest jutsus in the Naruto franchise (Image via Pinterest)
Sasuke's Chidori and Naruto's Rasengan are both two of the strongest jutsus in the Naruto franchise (Image via Pinterest)

Over the years, the entire Naruto saga has shown viewers a huge roster of abilities, forms and jutsus. Fans have seen jutsus that can enslave a planet, to those that can create one.

What makes jutsus in Naruto stand out among powers in other anime is the interesting process of using hand seals, or signs, loosely based on the Chinese alphabet system. The names of many jutsus have even been derived from Japanese mythology (for example, Amaterasu).

Hand seals in Naruto (Image via Fandomwiki)
Hand seals in Naruto (Image via Fandomwiki)

Ranking 5 of the strongest jutsus in Naruto

Jutsus are undoubtedly the backbone of the Shinobi world, and are understandably one of the most fan-favorite aspects of the series. Releasing powers to attack as well as to defend is common to almost every anime out there.

Here is a list of five of the strongest jutsus shown in Naruto.

5) Enton: Honoikazuchi (Blaze Release)


This is a jutsu only Sasuke Uchiha can use, at least currently. Enton: Honoikazuchi basically applies change in chakra form to the Amaterasu, the unextinguishable black flame. A formidable jutsu, wielding this makes Sasuke one of the most feared shinobi out there.

4) Sage Art Wood Release: 1000-Armed Kan'on


Everyone in the Naruto fandom knows what a beast Hashirama Senju was. The man looked up at a Susano'o clad Kurama being controlled by Madara and smiled.

There aren't many in the fan community who would question the strength of Hashirama's Sage Art Wood Release: 1000-Armed Kan'on. This jutsu summons a gigantic 1000-armed statue that can overpower Kurama as well as suppress his chakra. First Hokage for a reason.

3) Kekkei Genkai Rasenshuriken


This was a power Naruto could use after being blessed with the Six Paths' Sage Mode and the chakra from all the Tailed Beasts. Basically, receiving their chakra allowed Naruto to use their Kekkei Genkai chakra natures, allowing him to modify his trump card: the Rasenshuriken.

Fans might remember that he used the Lava Style Rasenshuriken to chop off the Divine tree in one go.

2) Indra's Arrow


The most powerful jutsu in the arsenal of Sasuke Uchiha, the Indra's Arrow has not been seen in the series since his final fight with Naruto.

One reason behind this might be the fact that it takes a huge amount of chakra to use (Sasuke took chakra from the Tailed Beasts). As one would expect, the resulting jutsu is nothing short of a nuclear blast, maybe even stronger.

1) Infinite Tsukuyomi


A jutsu that can bring an entire planet to its knees, and harvest chakra from all its beings has to be at the top. The Infinite Tsukuyomi is the jutsu/ritual required to awaken Kaguya Otsutsuki, the progenitor of chakra on earth, and requires the accumulation of all the Tailed Beasts.

It was the end result of Project Tsuki No Me, the actual objective of the Akatsuki terrorist organization. Infinite Tsukuyomi has to be the strongest jutsu ever cast in the history of the franchise.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

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