Real life Squid Game sign-up: How to participate and all about The Challenge 

The official poster for Squid Game (Image via Netflix)
The official poster for Squid Game (Image via Netflix)

Netflix’s Squid Game is all set to come to life, and we have all the details about it. On June 14 local time, Netflix announced they would launch a new reality show based on the mega-hit series. Titled Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix will transform this smash-hit series into a reality series with a grand prize money at stake.

The reality show will have 456 contestants facing off over 10 episodes to win a grand prize of 4.56 million dollars - inspired by the series’ grand prize of 45.6 billion won. This is the biggest cash prize offered in TV history.

Real life Squid Game: The rules of the game and how to apply for it


According to the rules mentioned on Netflix's official, contestants will be participating in games shown in the series and newer games added by Netflix. Also, unlike the fatal consequences shown in the show, anyone who fails to win will merely go home empty-handed.

The game is open to contestants worldwide, irrespective of gender and nationality. However, contestants must be 21 years of age, and fluency in English would be considered a bonus.

Contestants should be available to film for up to 4 weeks in early 2023 and have a valid passport for potential filming travel. It is important to note that contestants must not have a professional affiliation with All3 Media Group and/or Netflix (either as an individual or immediate relative).

If the contestants are eligible per the criteria mentioned above, they must upload a minute-long video explaining who they are, why they want to be on the reality game series, and what they would do with the cash prize if they won.

A minimum of two photos must also be submitted with the application. Interested participants can apply at and find out further details on the website.

Before the official announcement, a trailer was shared teasing specifics of Squid Game: The Challenge, revealing what kind of games contestants will be required to play and how the eliminated contestants will be taken out of the show.

Brandon Riegg, the senior vice president at Netflix, commented:

“The fascinating story and symbolic imagery of director Hwang Dong Hyuk’s ‘Squid Game’ wowed the entire world. We will be transforming this fictional world into reality.”

He also hopes that the reality game series will add to the excitement of the second season of the original series, confirmed to air sometime this year or next year.

“The biggest competition ever will be filled with nerves and twists and 456 real competitors will set off on his journey. We hope fans of the drama will join this fascinating and unpredictable journey.”

Netizens react to Squid Game: The Challenge

Netizens were taken aback by the sudden announcement of Squid Game: The Challenge. The news came as a bolt from the blue, like Netflix dropping the teaser for season 2 just a couple of days ago.

While a section of fans was excited by the idea of a real-life version of the series, others opined that Netflix had completely missed the point of the original series.

What is Netflix’s Squid Game about?

The mega-hit series is a survival game show where participants are required to play traditional South Korean childhood games like - Green Light, Red Light featuring a creepy doll Young-hee, Tug-of-war, Sugar Honeycombs, Marble game, Glass Stepping Stone, and lastly, a real-life street game played by children in South Korea.

The drama stars Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-yeon, Wi Ha-joon, and Anupam Tripathi in pivotal roles and has been renewed for season 2, which will premiere later this year or sometime next year.

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