Reasonable Doubt: Is Brian Eftenoff guilty of killing his wife and where is he now?

Judi Eftenoff (Image via Investigation Discovery)
Judi Eftenoff (Image via Investigation Discovery)

Reasonable Doubt is all set to explore the complicated conviction of Brian Eftenoff in relation to his wife Judi Eftenoff's murder in September 1999. Titled The Jerk, the upcoming episode of Reasonable Doubt will air on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, at 10.00 pm on ID.

Judi was allegedly discovered unconscious in the early hours of September 24, 1999 by her husband, Brian. Brian is said to have called 911, but Judi had already died. Despite having some bruising on her body, authorities determined that Judi died as a result of a cocaine-related stroke. The long-drawn, complicated case has since been a matter of debate.

The scientific evidence in this case was extremely limited, with many experts claiming that it was nearly impossible to determine whether Judi died as a result of being force-fed cocaine or an accidental overdose. However, Brian Eftenoff's insensitive demeanor and inconsistent blabbering were his undoing in front of the grand jury. Judge Crane McClennen sentenced the 43-year-old to 57 years in prison.

Despite his sentence, Brian maintained his innocence. It is nearly impossible to determine whether he is responsible for his wife's death. Brian is currently incarcerated, with his earliest release date set for 2046.

Reasonable Doubt will explore the various angles of the story in detail when it airs on August 23, 2022.

What did Brian Eftenoff do?

The eccentric Brian Eftenoff had an airtight alibi and scientific evidence backing him, with most other details about the case being inconclusive or blurry. Despite this, he was charged with his wife's murder after a jury deliberated for 36 hours following a five-week trial.

Eftenoff was a father of two who ran his own auto parts business. Even if he did not commit the murder, he was guilty of other crimes. He and his wife were allegedly cocaine users. Brian was also known for publicly humiliating and assaulting his wife, Judi. Brian's numerous problems were described in detail by Judi's coworkers and family members.

The events were complicated by the presence of a 5-year-old witness, whose accounts varied multiple times (and who can blame her?). Judi's death resulted from a stroke caused by excessive cocaine. Though some experts claim that the amount of cocaine Judi consumed could not have been consumed accidentally, other reports claim that an accidental overdose was a possibility.

Prosecutors took up Judi's injuries as a way to charge Brian Eftenoff with the murder. Though the injuries suggested strangulation attempts, there was no concrete evidence. As a result, the medical examiner ruled her death "undetermined."

Brian Eftenoff was hardly the model defendant. During his trial, he took the stand despite his attorney's wishes. He contradicted himself multiple times on the stand, giving the jury enough reason to give him a guilty verdict.

As of now, it is still not clear whether Brian murdered his wife. CBS' 48 Hours previously investigated the case and determined, with the assistance of forensic experts, that the murder case was very thin, with insufficient evidence to charge Brian.

Where is Brian Eftenoff now?

Despite the complications and inconsistencies, Brian was charged with murder and transportation of drugs via mail by a grand jury. Judge Crane McClennen sentenced the 43-year-old to 57 years in prison. Brian remains there, with his earliest release date set for 2046.

Reasonable Doubt will explore the case in detail in its upcoming episode on August 23, 2022 , 10 pm on ID.

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