Reebok x Looney Tunes collab: Where to buy, release date, price and more

Reebok and Warner Bros. collaboration range (Image via Reebok)
Reebok and Warner Bros. collaboration range (Image via Reebok)
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With a great start to the new year, Reebok recently announced its collaboration with Looney Tunes. Apparently, the partnership will result in the release of collaboration pieces of Reebok and Warner Brothers in two parts.

Starting with the Lunar New Year, the team will produce footwear, crewnecks, and apparel influenced by Looney Tunes. For those unaware, this is the fifth collaboration between Reebok and Warner Bros Consumer Products (WBCP).

With Looney Tunes being an integral part of the millennial generation's childhood, this collection will possibly be a great hit as it will feature a great blend of Looney Tunes’ fun and lively characters with Reebok’s bold nature.

All about Reebok x Looney Tunes collab, release date and price

The partnership pieces are specially designed for the Lunar New Year and therefore, the first capsules of the collab will only be available in China. The limited edition was released on January 18, and can be purchased in China from Reebok’s official website. This will be followed by the worldwide launch in Spring 2022.

The first capsule offers a few of the finest options in footwear and apparel. Every pair of shoes is made with a silhouette, which shows that they are motivated either by a beloved Looney Tunes character or by the high-spirited graphics display in the animated world of Looney Tunes.

Each merchandise will be delivered in a customized box. Mentioned below are the features of the products in the initial capsule:

Classic Leather Legacy AZ

Price at $95, it is influenced by the beloved Bugs Bunny character. Available in gray and pink colors, the Classic Leather Legacy AZ pays tribute to Bugs Bunny with a hairy suede texture along with springy details, sure to drive Looney Tunes fans wild. These will be available in unisex sizing.

Royal Techque T

Priced at $75, these are inspired by the hilarious character Wile E. Coyote and his passion for dynamite. The sneaker displays a patch crafted with Wile E. Coyote over it. Additionally, it is detailed with various references to his explosive nature like a rocket and “BOOM!” which is embossed on the back heel tabs. This will be available in men’s sizing.


The price for the apparel’s limited edition ranges from $35 to $65. The first segment of the apparel collection attributes to selected unisex crewnecks as well as t-shirts in 2XS-2XL sizes.

Both the crewnecks and t-shirts will feature the signature Looney Tunes characters and graphics, making it a celebrated piece with availability in all adult sizing.

The collection of both themed sneakers and apparel is incorporated with the frisky and jolly spirit of Looney Tunes.

More about Reebok

Over a century old, the brand was founded in 1895 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. Joseph William Foster was the founding father of the footwear and clothing brand Reebok, but it is currently owned by the German activewear giant, Adidas.

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