"That is not a good thing": Why are RHOA fans slamming Kandi Burruss' husband Todd Tucker?

Todd Tucker from RHOA (Image via Instagram/@todd167)
Todd Tucker from RHOA (Image via Instagram/@todd167)

Bravo's RHOA returned for the final part of its season 14 reunion on Sunday night, September 25, 2022. Titled Reunion: Part 3, the episode featured the husbands arriving to share their two cents on what happened in the series.

During their appearance, host Andy Cohen questioned Todd's intentions on making his daughter Kayla struggle. Todd was asked why he felt the need to make Kayla struggle while Riley, his other daughter lived a completely different life.

Although the RHOA star's husband was ready with an answer, it didn't sit right with the fans who took to social media to call him out. While some fans claimed it was selfish of Todd to say what he did, one fan said, "That is not a good thing," as they asked the star to "do better."

I really hate when we as black people, pass down struggle. That is not a good thing. There are other ways of teaching humility. Todd, do better #RHOA

Read on to learn more about why fans are slamming the RHOA star's husband.

Part 3 of the RHOA reunion welcomed Sanya, Drew and Kandi's husband to talk about their time on the show, and their opinions on what happened. When Todd was asked why he made Kayla suffer while Riley lived a lavish life, he responded:

"We're from the Bronx, and that's definitely shaped how I move and how I operate, and that struggle that she's going through, she's gonna appreciate. Like, right now, she's doin' amazing. She has her own apartment. She's doin production. She's very productive right now."

Todd Tucker recieves backlash from fans in RHOA Season 14 Reunion Part 3

Taking to Twitter, fans slammed Todd, claiming that he was being selfish for wanting his daughter to survive. Many claimed that if he wanted his child to suffer, he should also stop living a lavish life and be her struggle buddy. Some also shared that kids do not need to struggle in order to appreciate the good things in life.

Funny thing about Todd. His daughter can struggle while he spends Kandi’s money to fund his lavish lifestyle. I hope she protects her assets from him because he is always on some bullshit #RHOA #RHOAReunion
Sooooo Todd think because his daughter is from The Bronx she should struggle? Mean while they all(riley) live the glamorous life.Fair??🤔#RHOA#RHOAReunion
Todd and this struggle mentality is wack. Kaela can still be accomplished and not have to fight for everything she has. Especially when her half siblings have all their wants and needs #RHOA
Imagine your father living in a mansion, driving an expensive car, wearing the most expensive clothes while you have to struggle because it will teach good work ethic. #RHOA #RHOAReunion
🥴🤣 RT @ChrisinMasa: It’s BS how Todd emphasize the need to struggle, when Kandi gives him such a cushy life. #RHOA if you want your daughter to struggle, be her struggle buddy then.
I think it’s strange for parents to watch their children struggle when they have the money to help them #rhoa #RHOAReunion
Todd wants Kayla to struggle while he gets to have all access to Kandi’s money! #RHOA #RHOAReunion
the way Todd treats his daughter will forever be awkward. Riley gets the world because Kandi’s her mom but will the “let them struggle” vibe be the same for their children TOGETHER?! 🤔 #RHOA
Todd is stupid and he still doesn’t get it. Kaela doesn’t have to struggle to appreciate things. There are other constructive ways to shape good work ethic. Black parents like him are the reason we are farther removed from wealth #RHOA #RHOAReunion
Todd, Kayla doesn’t have to struggle to understand work ethic 😒 #RHOA

Here's everything else that happened on the RHOA reunion part 3

In the final installment of the Season 14 reunion on RHOA, Andy Cohen also asked Kandi why she didn't want her husband, Todd remarry if she passed away. Kandi shared,

"That would be my preference. You know, we've had history in my family. My great-grandmother passed, and then my great-grandfather remarried, and he passed. Then you know, obviously, his wife was the one who was in control of everything."

When Andy asked Todd what he thought about Kandi's reason for him not wanting to remarry if she passed, he joked that she didn't want him to marry because she was possessive and loved him.

Apart from focusing on Kandi and Todd's life, a lot of tea was spilled during the reunion as well as some confrontations that took place in the reunion. Now that the current season has come to an end, it is yet to be revealed if it has been renewed for Season 15 or not.

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