"Save me the tears": Fans criticize Marlo claiming she's trying to play the victim in RHOA Season 14 Reunion

Marlo (Image via Instagram/@marlohampton)
Marlo (Image via Instagram/@marlohampton)

Bravo's RHOA returned for another dramatic episode on Sunday, September 11, 2022. Titled Reunion Part 1, Episode 18 of the famed reality TV series featured a lot of drama, confrontations and emotional moments. Among them was a moment when Marlo opened up about her childhood trauma and growing up in a foster home.

Although it was an emotional moment for Marlo, who opened up about her past, fans shared that they weren't falling for her tears and claimed that she was just trying to play the victim. Towards the end of Season 14 of RHOA, the series featured Marlo and her mom trying to mend their relationship. But during the reunion, the reality TV star revealed that not much had changed.

Save me the tears Marlo #RHOA

Marlo revealed that when her mother visited, she never spent time with her nephews either. She added that because of the lack of care from her mother, she often felt alone. Getting emotional, the RHOA star shared that she longed for a mother and daughter bond just like how Kandi Burruss and her mother shared.

Although Andy and the other cast members sympathized with Marlo, fans seem to think otherwise.

RHOA Reunion: Marlo revealed she went to five different foster homes

In this #RHOA reunion clip, Miss Andy plays therapist as he speaks to Marlo regarding her estranged relationship with her mother & the unfortunate associated childhood trauma.1 of 2:

Marlo opened up and shared that her grandmother didn't know how to be a mother, which resulted in her mother undergoing a lot. The RHOA star added that despite everything, she feels strong because of the shell she put up. Continuing, Marlo shared that since she had to run away when she was just 10-years-old, she's felt all by herself.

Marlo also shared that she felt like many of the cast members didn't make her feel worthy. Tearing up, she told Andy that she went to five different foster homes and was there until she checked out when she turned 18.

Ten, ten, tens across the board! 🍑💃 #RHOA

Getting emotional, Marlo shared that she ran away from her home because her mother used to beat her up a lot. She added that she was tired of getting beaten. The RHOA star shared that she still loved her mother, but that didn't take away the trauma she endured as a child.

Continuing, she opened up and shared that she never felt worthy of love and that she was mad at the world. She explained how she struggled to feel accepted and why it meant so much to her to get a peach and become a full-time cast member. She told Andy,

"There were times where I was like, ‘Well, why not me? I work hard. Why am I not worthy?’"

Upon hearing Marlo get emotional and talking about her past and how she felt, fans took to social media to share their own opinions.

Fans criticize Marlo claiming she was trying to play the victim in RHOA Reunion

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Marlo was a terrible person and that she didn't help anybody. Some fans added that she was playing the victim. A few fans also shared that her past was no excuse for the present.

Yup! Marlo is saying all this 🐂💩 to @Kandi and making up lies and having all this venom because she's calling herself making her "work" for her check! #RHOA…
Kenya was not here for Marlo’s tears, I wasn’t too #RHOA
@JaysRealityBlog so instead of askin Marlo why she continuously weaponizes Marc against Kenya Andy asked a question that allowed her to play the victim and TRY to get sympathy 🤨 ?? #RHOA #RHOAReunion
Marlo is setting the stage to be the victim for the rest of the reunion #RHOA
Is Marlo trying to play the victim? #RHOA #girlbye
When Beyonce said “whole lotta playin' victim and a villain at the same time”….she was talking about Marlo, #RHOA
Marlo the victim 😴 #rhoa
Marlo could cry enough tears to fill that moat and it will still not make up for her behavior this season. You can't be the bully and then cry as the victimIf you can't treat me right and repeatedly attach me, I don't care #RHOA
Marlo is tricky. My heart hurts 4 everything shes been through in life. And how it affects her present day. She’s also not ALWAYS the victim w/these ladies. She conveniently forgets at times she cuts first and deep…#RHOA
Andy really trying to make Marlo a victim this reunion ? what is this.. I know @KenyaMoore and @Kandi must have been PISSED. cause I would be #rhoa #wwhl
Save me the tears Marlo #RHOA
I have zero sympathy for Marlo. Save the tears sweetie. #RHOA
Marlo’s past is not excuse for her present. As she said, she’s come a long way. She knows better and must do better! #RHOA
I’m throwing tomatoes at Andy and this reunion. So we’re not going to hold Marlo accountable for all of her demon behavior this season? Umkay. #RHOA

RHOA will return next Sunday night at 8 pm ET for part 2 of its reunion only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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