RHOSLC season 3 episode 2: Why do fans think Heather Gay didn’t believe Whitney Rose’s "abusive childhood" story?

Heather Gay and Whitney Rose from RHOSLC
Heather Gay and Whitney Rose from RHOSLC (Image via heathergay/Instagram)

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) returned to Bravo last week with its third season. In episode 2 this Wednesday, the show featured Whitney Rose opening up about her childhood trauma.

Whitney was seen sharing her “abusive childhood” story with RHOSLC cast members during their Arizona trip. While her co-stars supported her, Heather Gay looked shocked. Fans believed that Heather didn’t believe her best friend’s story.

#RHOSLC I’m confused by Heather’s reaction to Whitney’s abuse confession. Does she not believe her?

In episode 2, Whitney was seen heartbroken in a scene where she told her husband that she had been abused in the past. Whitney stated that she found out about it from her half-brother, who went through EMDR (Whitney incorrectly called it "EDMR" on the show) therapy. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy treatment that enables the patient to unlock buried traumas from the past.

Whitney later broke down in front of her co-stars in Arizona as she shared the details with them.

Fans react to Heather’s response to Whitney’s story

In RHOSLC season 3 episode 2, Whitney had a meltdown when she told her husband about the information her half-brother gave her. She was then seen flying to Arizona with her co-stars for a short vacation.

Whitney revealed that the trip was a way to show the group’s support to Jen Shah, who was dealing with a legal case. Whitney thus organized a session with a shaman, who helped the ladies to be vulnerable.

After the session, they sat together for dinner while Whitney was seen shedding tears. The ladies asked her why and she said:

“I’ve been on this healing journey for, honestly, for a year now. My childhood is blocked from like 9 to 17. And as I am doing all these work, like memories are coming up, and it’s been really hard. I was in a very abusive situation, but I just like stuffed it so deep that I blocked all memory of it.”

In response, Heather exclaimed:


The expression and the way Heather responded made fans think that she didn’t believe Whitney’s story. Take a look at fans’ reaction:

Now wait a minute… Heather ain’t going with Whitney’s “storyline”! #RHOSLC
And this is where Heather and Whitney issue finna start 😂😂 #RHOSLC
Did anyone else catch Heathers reaction to Whitney’s abuse confession. #RHOSLC
It’s looking like Heather don’t believe Whitney #rhoslc
Wait… is Heather shocked or does she not believe Whitney? @BravoTV #rhoslc
The way Heather said "You?"... no wonder they're beefing #RHOSLC
Heather’s response is INTERESTING #RHOSLC
Heather don't believe her 👀#RHOSLC
Why is Heather acting like that?? #RHOSLC
Heather looked like she wanted to say something #RHOSLC

Whitney reveals Lisa Barlow’s alleged affair in RHOSLC season 3 episode 2

Whitney Rose and Heather Gay have been closer friends with Lisa Barlow than with Meredith Marks. In the latest season, the dynamic seemed to change as Whitney and Meredith discussed Lisa’s alleged affairs.

In RHOSLC season 3 episode 2, Meredith visited Whitney’s house before the Arizona trip. There, Meredith shared a rumor about Lisa that accused the latter of “doing favors” to build her business. Responding to Meredith’s information, Whitney revealed:

“I know that sounds absurd, but it’s really not because I’ve actually heard the same thing you have heard. I have a friend and it’s a mutual friend of Lisa’s, and he’s very wealthy and very well known in Utah. And I’ve heard that she slept with him to sway him to invest in her businesses.”

As they reached Arizona, Whitney told Heather about Meredith revealing Lisa’s alleged affairs. Interestingly, she didn’t say that she herself accused Lisa of the same. In the upcoming episode, the allegations will be out in the open, leading to multiple blame-games and a rift in Heather and Whitney’s friendship.

RHOSLC season 3 airs new episodes every Wednesday on Bravo at 9:00 PM ET.

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