ROA x Crocs footwear pack: Where to get, price, and more details explored

Crocs x ROA footwear pack (Image via Crocs)
Crocs x ROA footwear pack (Image via Crocs)

Crocs is following its tradition of forming associations with different brands, and its newest partnership with an Italian label, ROA, adds further to its ever-growing portfolio. The duo worked together to offer two designs as part of their collaborative foam clog pack. The reinterpreted variants of Mellow Recovery Clog and Atlas Clog are offered by the partnering brands.

The newly surfaced ROA x Crocs footwear pack is expected to be released on October 19, 2023. Both footwear styles will be accessible via Crocs, ROA, and other select retail marketplaces, in-store as well as online.

The sale price of the Mellow Recovery Clog has been set at $70 per pair, while the price of the Atlas Clog will be $80 for each pair.

ROA x Crocs footwear pack offers two enticing foam clog designs

Here's a detailed look at the footwear pieces (Image via Crocs)
Here's a detailed look at the footwear pieces (Image via Crocs)

Over the course of its history, Crocs has worked with an array of distinct businesses and influential people. This time, however, they are going in an alternate direction by forming an association with ROA, a brand that is well-known for producing high-quality outdoor gear.

This latest partnership is set to unveil an innovative take on classic clog designs, fusing the worlds of recreation and technical outdoor designs.

The Mellow Recovery Clog and the Atlas Clog are both exceptional pieces that have been presented as the outcome of a joint effort. Each displays its own distinctive personality while maintaining an affinity with the core values of both businesses.

The Mellow Recovery Clog has a predominantly black coloration that is brought out by the presence of a green pattern that covers its whole body. The signature element is brought in by the ROA labeling, which can be found carefully positioned on the footbed as well as at the toe of the shoe.

The Atlas Clog takes on a camouflage-like foam appearance in a tannish green that blends in well with the foam component of its sports mode strap. This modest theme is broken up by an eye-catching clasp in black that connects the strap to the top, which is further complimented with green nylon trimming.

Take a look at the uppers (Image via Crocs)
Take a look at the uppers (Image via Crocs)

The logos of the ROA and Crocs are prominently featured on both the strap and the nylon part of the sandal. A sturdy outer sole unit constructed out of a combination of a dark green and a color that is a match for the upper ascending off the layout.

Set your reminders for the new foam clog pack that will be available this October. Curious readers are advised to stay tuned to the partnering labels online platforms to get their hands on these designs.

ROA was established in 2015

ROA is an Italian footwear company that was established in 2015. ROA leverages crossover and innovative approaches to develop a design that expresses a mixed perspective towards the outdoors, making explicit reference to recent advances in the world of professional outdoor clothing.

ROA takes the mentality of sportswear and extends it to the footwear worn in the outdoors. The business is known for its innovative use of cutting-edge materials and creative solutions to product building that are based on the principle of performance derivation.

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