What is Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb's combined net worth? Fortune explored ahead of 'Rock the Block' Season 3 premiere

Twin duo Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis compete in the third season of Rock the Block (Image via thelyndsaylamb/ Instagram)
Twin duo Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis compete in the third season of Rock the Block (Image via thelyndsaylamb/ Instagram)

HGTV's hit competition series Rock the Block will be returning for a third season on Monday, February 28, 2022. The season takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. Four teams of HGTV experts will be competing for bragging rights as well as getting a street named after them in the lower-country locale.

However, this season is different from the previous two because each pair is made up of either siblings, spouses, or domestic partners. Ty Pennington is back as the host of the new season. One of the pair competing for the block will be twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb from Unsellable Houses.

'Rock the Block' twin contestants Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb net worth explored

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, the twin duo participating in the third season of Rock the Block, are stars of the popular show Unsellable Houses.

Unsellable Houses follows hosts and twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis as they help homeowners improve the value of their property by giving the house the necessary renovations for the owners to sell them.

Rock the Block stars Lyndsay and Leslie work in real estate. They both co-own the real estate business Lamb & Co. Lyndsay went from being a marketing director to a successful corporation to starting her own company Lamb Real Estate in 2009.

Leslie is an owner and broker and has spent over seven years in Franchise Sales for a National Food Brokerage firm. She also worked as a real estate transaction coordinator for two years before becoming a realtor.

According to Reality Titbit, the real estate business sold more than 170 houses before the pandemic hit, making them two million dollars. Also, considering that they are award-winning realtors and taking into account other HGTV host salaries, the report stated that they could be paid at least $10,000 per episode.

In Unsellable Houses, the duo invested their own money and made it attractive for buyers to split additional profits with homeowners. The sister duo turned a historic home into their own retail store, called Lamb & Co.

Rock the Block also features other contestant pairs like Dave and Jenny Marrs of Fixer to Fabulous, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson of Married to Real Estate, and Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of Bargain Block.

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