"Rock bottom": Addison Rae appears on the Jimmy Kimmel show with David Spade, and the internet is not impressed 

Addison Rae receives hate after Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview (Image via Instagram/addisonraee)
Addison Rae receives hate after Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview (Image via Instagram/addisonraee)

Controversial Tik Tok star Addison Rae appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Grown Ups star David Spade guest hosting the show. The two spoke about the first time they met, time spent at the McGregor fight in Vegas and her friendship with Kourtney Kardashian. The TikToker turned actress was on the show promoting her Netflix film He’s All That which is slated to release on August 27.

Although the video has garnered over 33,000 views on YouTube and made rounds on the internet, it seems to be doing so for the wrong reasons, and 20-year-old Addison Rae is being brutally dissed online.


In the comment section under a YouTube clip of the show, netizens called out the social media influencer for being “undeserving,” “unprepared” and many expressed sympathy towards the Emmy nominated actor for having to interview Addison Rae.

Some comments included:

“And you thought COVID was bad!”
“Poor Spade… having to interview this thing.”

Another person went on to say:

“Remember when people actually used to become famous for something?”

Backlash against Addison Rae continues amidst 'He’s All That' promotions

The Louisiana-native has been relentlessly trolled online ever since she reached out to greet former US president Donald Trump at a UFC 264 event which took place on July 10. Since then, the newly turned actress has been dragged online for her acting skills as well. Fans were underwhelmed after seeing Addison Rae’s performance in the He’s All That trailer.

Addison Rae has also been put under the spotlight after hinting about her new relationship with guitarist Omer Fedi, who is now playing for Machine Gun Kelly.

The TikToker has a bad reputation when it comes to her Late Night show interviews. Addison Rae starred on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 26 where the dancer showcased her moves to popular TikTok songs. Rae and Fallon both received backlash for not crediting the original creators of the TikTok dance choreographies.

Since the incident, Fallon has gone on to have the original dance routine creators on the show as an apology.

Hopefully Addison Rae’s days of internet hate will end soon with her debut as a talented Hollywood actress.

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