Rogue Georgia cop's TikTok video goes viral, controversial police officer resigns soon after 

An inappropriate video of a police officer goes viral on TikTok (Image via 318dillydilly/TikTok)
An inappropriate video of a police officer goes viral on TikTok (Image via 318dillydilly/TikTok)

A Georgia cop has reportedly quit his job after a viral TikTok caught the uniformed officer in a compromising situation. The cop took his car near a scrubby area off of a quiet road in a small town, and while in uniform, engaged in s*xual activities with a woman that was recorded by a passer-by.

A TikTok video posted on March 20 went viral last week where it racked up more than 16 million views. A stranger, who went by the name Dillon Cole, filmed the Georgia police officer’s exchange with a woman while working from a nearby telecommunications tower. The video was captioned:

“Police caught on cam!!!”

The hashtags “#towerclimbers” and “#dirtydeeds” were included as well.

The Georgia officer has since been recognized by the news channel WRDW as Millen Police Department’s Larry “Benjamin” Thompson. After the video went viral across social media, the officer quit his job. Past misconduct coming to light did not help his case as well.


Georgia police officer’s past felonies explored

Larry Thompson was identified by his superiors at the Millen Police Department. They were contemplating the officer’s resignation while in a meeting with Police Chief Dwayne Herrington about the shocking video.

Prior to Thompson’s resignation, a record of his earlier misconduct resurfaced online. In 2019, the cop fatally crashed into a senior-aged driver while responding to a call.

Local news outlet WRDW-TV reported that the officer T-boned a car while driving 86 miles per hour in Millen in 2019. He did so while traveling to a small town 75 miles northwest of Savannah to rush to a crime scene. While in a rush, Thompson, who was driving the vehicle, killed a 76-year-old man.

In 2017, Thompson accidentally shot a fellow law enforcement official. The incident was reported to be “accidental discharge,” and Thompson claimed that he was cleaning his jammed gun, leading to it accidentally going off. When an investigation into the case was conducted, it was discovered that there were no malfunctions in the gun. Thompson was then accused of being “negligent.”

In 2021, a woman who claimed to be in a relationship with the Georgia officer told police that he was harassing her. When questioned, Thompson admitted to running her tags in the system to find her new address. He claimed to be doing so simply to return old items. However, he was suspended for two days after the incident was uncovered.

The only information available about the officer in question stated that Larry Thompson was promoted in 2020, a year following the fatal accident.

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