Who is Officer Kingery? Police officer with over 2.5 million TikTok followers deletes account amid rising assault allegations

Popular TikToker/police officer Kingery has deleted his account amid assault allegations (Image via WishTV)
Popular TikToker/police officer Kingery has deleted his account amid assault allegations (Image via WishTV)

Popular TikToker-officer Kingery has deleted his account, and fans are concerned about the unannounced online disappearance. Kingery uploaded videos under the handle @officer_kingery, but his account was deactivated on November 4, surprising many.

It has been reported that Officer Kingery is facing s**ual assault allegations, but followers are demanding confirmation.

When someone clicks on Officer Kingery’s profile, they receive an error message that reads:

“Couldn’t find this account.”

A few followers claim that he deleted his TikTok account and deactivated his Instagram profile. Some internet sleuths claim that the internet star posted a video confirming that he was deleting his TikTok account before the account deactivation.

Why is Officer Kingery popular online?

Officer Kingery, whose real name is Charlie Kingery, is a TikTok star with over 2.5 million followers. The Indiana police officer works under the Lawrence Police Department and is a member of the SWAT team.

Officer Kingery is best known for his comedic skits about being part of the police task force. His videos have accumulated over 38.7 million likes.


Aside from being a TikTok sensation, Kingery has also featured in the third season of the American TV series Live PD, which follows police officers during patrols.

Since becoming famous online, he has also opened a clothing merchandise line called the “Thin Line Apparel”, which refers to the “thin blue line” police officers represent in society.

Officer Kingery has also toured with conservative-leaning law enforcement-led comedic group Content Violation.

Followers of the TikToker suggest that Officer Kingery deleted his TikTok and Instagram accounts after assault allegations surfaced online. He has been accused of s**ual misconduct by several people.

TikToker @flawlesslawless__ claimed that an officer made inappropriate comments about her before s**ually assaulting her. She did not name Kingery but did not rule him out in the video’s comment section either.

Another influencer, who goes by the handle @theconservativebarbie, shared on the video-sharing platform that two other anonymous accounts claim that Kingery assaulted and harassed them.

For now, the reason for his account deletion has not been confirmed.

Edited by Ravi Iyer