RTFKT x Nike digital sneakers: Everything we know so far

Nike x RTFKT digital sneakers made with Skin Vial technology (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nike x RTFKT digital sneakers made with Skin Vial technology (Image via Sportskeeda)

Following Nike's acquisition of RTFKT in December 2021, the two have been preparing for the sportswear label's big foray into the metaverse, keeping most details under wraps so far - except for the odd exclusive airdrops.

Leaping forward in NFTs, Nike is now ready with its latest Cryptokicks, Nike Dunk Genesis. On April 22, 2022, RTFKT took to Instagram to unveil their newest digital sneakers.

Labeled as the "Future of Sneakers," these fashion-forward pairs enthralled all the sneakerheads. RTFKT's latest teaser video validates the reports of Nike exploring digital NFTs.

RTFKT x Nike together presented the ‘Future of Sneakers’

Naturally, Nike's first NFT is Dunk Low, the brand's perhaps most hyped shoe right now. Why not leverage the NFT frenzy to boost the model's popularity?

Earlier this year, the dynamic duo released a new "MNLTH" series that featured Nike and RTFKT co-branding. The "MNLTH" was sold via OpenSea and was airdropped to active Clone X holders alongside PodX virtual spaces.

Their NFT, which appeared to be more like a dark metallic finish box, was adorned with etched geometric patterns alongside glowing Nike and RTFKT logo cutouts on the exteriors.

Since the first day of its release, the contents of the boxes have remained a mystery, exhilarating all sneaker geeks.

Skin vials and exclusive NFT sneaker skins (Image via Sportskeeda)
Skin vials and exclusive NFT sneaker skins (Image via Sportskeeda)

After nearly three months of anticipation, it has finally been disclosed that each cube contains a pair of virtual sneakers known as Nike Cryptokicks, based on the iconic Nike Dunk style.

For more variety and distinctiveness, the digital Dunks are employed with Skin Vial technology, which will allow users to customize their skins and pick their favorites from among the eight exclusive skins designed by RTFKT's team of designers and associates.

As you progress through the RTFKT universe or "Ecosystem," the collection's skins will evolve your Nike Dunk Genesis, awarding you with "drip upgrades" and special "powers."

While the two will keep much of their post-acquisition plans under the shadows, expect more information in the coming days. No worries! You’ll have the opportunity to personalize your digital dunks.

What else do we know about RTFKT’s existence?

RTFKT, a virtual fashion startup, kicked off in January 2020. The emerging business has worked hand in hand with many big names, including Jeff Staples and Lexus, as well as Takashi Murakami, whose Clone X NFT turned out to be one of the most successful to date. Nike then took over the startup in late 2021.

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