ARMYs believe BTS’ 'Squid Game' posts hint at a potential collaboration

Left: BTS' Jin; Right top: BTS' V; Right bottom: RM's pet Moni (Images via @jin, @netflixkr and @rkive/Instagram)
Left: BTS' Jin; Right top: BTS' V; Right bottom: RM's pet Moni (Images via @jin, @netflixkr and @rkive/Instagram)

On January 5, BTS’ RM posted pictures of his pet, Moni, dressed up in Squid Game’s No. 456 green tracksuit, on Instagram. Moni was the latest to join the BTS meeting Squid Game brigade. Days ago, V met and uploaded photos with the show’s lead actor Lee Jung Jae.

Weeks before meeting the actor, V cosplayed as the masked men of Squid Game. Though somewhat far-fetched, ARMYs wonder if BTS will, in some way or another, appear in the much-awaited sequel of the Netflix show.

BTS’ RM dresses up his pet in 'Squid Game' 456 tracksuit, sending the internet into a frenzy

The ARMY fandom put on their creative hats again when BTS’ RM blessed them with multiple photos of his pet Eskimo dog on Instagram. The first few photos showed Moni at the dining table near RM, but the last couple of photos made fans go wild with their BTS X Squid Game theories.

The BTS leader dressed up Moni in the signature 456 green shirt. The dog’s sweetness bowled fans over and they couldn’t stop talking about the possibility of the photos potentially being hints towards the viral K-drama.

Before RM’s pet dog, the eldest member, Jin, was the first to bring out his inner Squid Game fan. He tied his hair in two pigtails with red ribbons during the 'LA Permission to Dance On Stage' concert. His first photo on Instagram was posing the same way as the Mughunghwa doll too.

The group's only actor, V, was the next member to embrace the country’s sensational K-drama. On one of the LA concert days, he surprised people with the masked men cosplay, sending Twitter into a meltdown of cheers and excited shrieks.

Kim Taeyung for squid Game.Effortlessly the hottest man alive😭💜💜💜

Days later, Lee Jung Jae, who played Seong Gi Hun in the drama, posted a photo with BTS' V on his Instagram. He chose to upload it without any caption, but fans could figure out how close both the actors were by looking at their proximity and comfortable smiles they shared in the photo.

Fans also know that the unofficial social butterfly of BTS, V, knows multiple big Korean actors, courtesy of his acting debut with Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik in Hwarang and being friends with Choi Woo Shik and many other people.

With the recent incident of SUGA and Jungkook working on a song for 7Fates: CHAKHO OST teased months before, ARMYs are naturally wary of any and every kind of hints at a potential project.

@withlovebts7 No but bts is giving/using too much squid games references tae meeting jung jae wearing the sg suit, imitating the old man in ptd con (virtual), seokjin with red light green light doll pigtails, then moni wearing 456 suit idk its pricking me even if I don't want it to:/
@withlovebts7 I'd like to see Taehyung in Squid game playing the role as the little boy as a grown up.
I wonder if bts will make minor appearances in squid games season 2!!!??? But like taehyung playing a villain role! He is such a good actor I know he would eat it up!!!
BTS × squid game 😭Moni looks so cute 🥺
Taeyung in squid game season 2. Someone quote this tweet when it happens
the bts and squid game agenda still going strong maybe were missing something

It might be impossible to have the biggest stars in the K-pop and K-drama world collide, but ARMYs are still holding on to hope.

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