Sacramento mass shooting: Video shows moment right before gunfire leaves six dead and multiple injured

A mass shooting incident recently took place in downtown Sacramento (Image via LukeCleary/Twitter)
A mass shooting incident recently took place in downtown Sacramento (Image via LukeCleary/Twitter)

Six people were killed, and ten more were left injured in a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento on April 3. The local police confirmed the news.

While speaking to reporters, Police Chief Kathy Lester said it was a tragic situation and added that ten people were rushed or took themselves to the local hospitals.


The condition of the ten people wounded by gunfire was not revealed, and it is unknown how many shooters fired off bullets. No one has been arrested so far, and Lester requested the public's aid in helping to identify the suspects behind the incident.

Detailed information about shooting incident at Sacramento

The Sacramento Police Department announced at around 8 am in a tweet that officers at the scene located 15 shooting victims where six were deceased. Police officers patrolling the area heard gunshots fired at 2 am on Sunday and encountered a large crowd.

A video posted on Twitter shows people running through the street as gunfire is heard. Multiple ambulances were also spotted at the site.

Six people were shot dead, and ten more were injured in the shooting incident (Image via NewYorkStateAG/Twitter)
Six people were shot dead, and ten more were injured in the shooting incident (Image via NewYorkStateAG/Twitter)

Another tweet posted by the police department before 7 am says that 9th St to 13th St was closed between L St & J St so that cops could investigate the situation and a significant police presence will remain, and the scene remains active. The tweet read:

ADVISORY: 9th St to 13th St is closed between L St & J St as officers investigate a shooting with multiple victims. Conditions unknown at this time. Please avoid the area as a large police presence will remain and the scene remains active. Please follow this thread for updates.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg was shocked and saddened after the mass shooting. He wrote in a tweet that he could not express his shock and sadness, and the number of dead and wounded is difficult to comprehend.

Words can’t express my shock & sadness this morning. The numbers of dead and wounded are difficult to comprehend. We await more information about exactly what transpired in this tragic incident. (more)

Steinberg added that they await more information about exactly what transpired in the tragic incident. Steinberg wrote in a tweet:

Rising gun violence is the scourge of our city, state and nation, and I support all actions to reduce it. Our new Police Chief, Kathy Lester, has made it a top priority, and I stand firmly behind her. @SacPolice

Community activist Berry Accius recalled the scene shortly after the incident and said:

"The first thing I saw was, like, victims. I saw a young girl with a whole bunch of blood on her body, a girl taking off glass from her, a young girl screaming saying, 'they killed my sister.' A mother running up, 'where's my son, has my son been shot?' You know, commotion, trauma. It's just a lot of things that, you know, you don't want to see."

Public reacts to incident

The Sacramento mass shooting was criticized by the public as they expressed their anger towards the incident on social media:

Devastated by the mass shooting last night in Sacramento near the venue we performed at. Our deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. We pray the injured recover quickly & that everyone at our show made it home safely.
Mass shooting in Sacramento. Am I the only one who finds it weird there are no details on the shooter(s)?#shooting #Sacramento
Aw damn, there was a mass shooting in Sacramento last night. This is becoming too common. I heard someone on MSNBC say there are “only” six casualties so far and I know it was benignly stated but the destruction of 6 human beings is a horrendous loss of life.
There was a mass shooting in Sacramento last night, six people killed and nine wounded.We cannot allow ourselves to be desensitized or numb to this.Damn.
Six people died in a mass shooting in Sacramento today. Every time I hear news of a mass shooting, I’m going to post about it, because I no longer wanna continue about my day as if mass shootings are normal. They are not.
Last night’s mass shooting in #Sacramento - as well as everyone killed or injured each day by a firearm - is a stark reminder of the public health crisis that is firearm violence. It’s also a reminder that thoughts and prayers won’t get us out of this. We need policy and change.
Another mass shooting. Now in Sacramento.Fact: 100% of mass shootings are committed by people with guns.Usually an Ar-15.NoCivilianNeedsMilitary Weapons If you think you need an AR-15 to protect your "rights", rethink where you live.
This mass shooting in Sacramento is brought to you by the republican party and the bastards at the NRA terrorist organization.
"6 dead, at least 10 hurt in Sacramento mass shooting: Police". If you ever want to know what was the impact of 4 years of Donald Trump did for America watch the news. Unrest & death is Trump's legacy along with an insurrectionist & traitor. 🤔👎🤡😷🌵
I was horrified to learn of the mass shooting in downtown Sacramento early this morning and the deep loss to our community. My prayers are with the victims and their families and friends. These violent crimes should not happen on our streets.

The shooting happened a month after five people were shot dead when a man killed his children inside a California church before killing himself. Law enforcement officials said that the group included three children under the age of 15.

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