'Seal Team' review: What it takes to match the sharks 

Seal Team (Image via Sportskeeda)
Seal Team (Image via Sportskeeda)

What does it take to beat the most dangerous predators of the ocean? Apparently a squadron of brave, stupid, and strategic seals, in Seal Team.

The seals of the seal island are at their wits end. They are frequently terrorized by the dangerous sharks who live in the deep waters and make their lives a living hell. Tired of the menacing sharks, one brave seal named Quinn decides to take matters into his own hands to rid his community of the threat of the sharks.

Seal Team is directed by Greig Cameron and co-directed by Kane Croudace. It is produced by the Trigger Fish Animation studios based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Note: This article contains spoilers and reflects the writer's opinion.

'Seal Team' reviewed

When Quinn loses his best friend to a shark attack during a food run, he decides that he has had enough with the menacing sharks. Forced to live on land due to the shark threat, the seals of Seal Island have to survive on barnacles, or sardines at best. Tired of the bland food, Quinn craves some fish.

Accompanied by his best friend, Quinn ventures into the deep waters to look for some fish. As usual, they come face to face with sharks and now it's a life or death situation. Sadly, death was not far. Though Quinn survived, he lost his friend.

Saddened and enraged by the incident, Quinn resolves to extract revenge. But how? One seal is no match for the cunning predators at the top of the food chain. So Quinn comes up with a plan. He gathers all the likeminded, stupid and courageous seals he could, who believed in his cause, and forms a squadron. But they are still severely under-equipped to take on the sharks.

So Quinn seeks out an old mustached navy seal who had saved his life the night his best friend died. Claggart was a military-trained seal who was apparently traumatized after a mission that went haywire. He broods away his days alone in his dilapidated ship, in the company of sardines, and does not entertain any visitors.

However, he could not get rid of Quinn, who was resolute with his intent of getting help. Quinn threatens to take away his sardines and engages in a fight with him so that Claggart would finally relent and agree to let him into the secret of how he beat the sharks.

After some intensive training and some more recruiting into the Seal Team, the squad, led by the gruff Claggart and following the plans of the stupidly brave Quinn, decide to take on the sharks.

Hope almost seems to be lost when they realize what the sharks have now teamed up to do. Quinn quickly goes back to Seal Island to warn the other seals, but he is too late. They have already left for the sardine run where the sharks are waiting for them. Now Quinn and his Seal Team must do everything in their power to protect the other seals from Grimes, and his fellow sharks who intend to eat all of them.

The Seal Team wins and manages to ward off all the sharks from Seal Island. Now Quinn and his fellow teammates are on a constant vigil, targeting any shark who dares to torment them.

Verdict of 'Seal Team'

There were really high expectations from Seal Team and sadly, the movie did not deliver. The animation does not match up with the expectations, which was surprising, given the movie is a Trigger Fish Animation production. The screenplay is lacking in depth and too overdone with puns and bad jokes. Moreover, the jokes aren't even funny.

Some of the physical humor does make us laugh, like seals popping open sardine cans like beers, a weaponized pistol shrimp, an inventive camouflage suit made of dozens of color-changing octopus. Credit must be given to the writer for such ingenious and funny ideas.

Watch Seal Team, now streaming on Netflix.

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