'SEAL Team' Season 5 ending explained: Will the show be renewed?

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes from ‘SEAL Team’ (Image via sealteam_pplus/ Instagram)
David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes from ‘SEAL Team’ (Image via sealteam_pplus/ Instagram)

SEAL Team Season 5 ended on Sunday, and the finale has blown viewers’ minds. From a perfect cliffhanger to portraying parallel emotions, the final episode gave the viewers all they could have hoped for.

Titled "All Bravo Stations," Season 5 Episode 14 featured significant development of important characters. While it gave the right ending to the characters' emotions, it left fans devastated regarding Bravo team’s future.

With a great ending, there are expectations about the renewal of the next season. It might seem the script has all the potential to continue, but the makers have not officially declared anything.

Executive producer and SEAL Team’s lead actor David Boreanaz told TVLine:

“Well, listen. I’m an optimistic person… [but] there’s nothing official. I do know that we’ve done great for Paramount +, and I’ll just leave it there.”

Are Jason Hayes and Clay Spenser alive?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The finale showed Jason Hayes (Boreanaz) tracking down Mandy Ellis with the help of Sonny. He also made amends with daughter Emma.

Meanwhile, Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) welcomed his baby boy with Stella and reconciled with his BFF, Sonny.

As Hayes and Spenser went through changes in their family, they were re-deployed to Mali. The new dad informed Hayes that this would be his last mission with Bravo, as he wanted to spend time with his wife and son.

As the team was traveling to the war zone in two vehicles, one of them exploded and the other was attacked by armed tangoes. While shrapnel hit Spenser’s eye, Hayes was shot in the shoulder.

Explaining the ending, Boreanaz told TVLine that he doesn’t know if the lead characters died in the war.

He stated:

“Chris [Chulack] did such a good job at that. He’s such a good director at putting these montages together towards the end and the sequence, it was sad."
"There’s such beautiful imagery in the contrast between war and what goes on at home, it’s so interesting to me and it’s so impactful, and I think he hit that really good.”

First four episodes of 'SEAL Team' Season 5 aired on CBS

CBS originally aired SEAL Team, but the show started airing on Paramount+ from Season 5 Episode 5.

Interestingly, the fourth episode aired on CBS on the same day Episode 5 premiered on the show’s current network.

SEAL Team Season 5 has ended with a cliffhanger, and hopefully, the show gets renewed for Season 6 soon.

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