CBS shows returning from mid-season break in January 2022

Ghosts is one of many CBS shows returning in 2022 (Image via CBS)
Ghosts is one of many CBS shows returning in 2022 (Image via CBS)

CBS is one of the top entertainment channels and is home to some of the most dramatic and binge-worthy shows. However, most shows have gone into a scheduled break till early 2022. The mid-season hiatus of a show typically occurs during this time.

Several producers chose to do mid-season finales before returning to the storyline when the second half of the season begins. However, fans are usually left on the edge of their seats, waiting for their favorite shows to return. With the New Year just around the corner, this article dives into some shows ready to come out of the mid-season break.

These CBS shows will return in January 2022

1) Ghosts (Season 1)

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The CBS comedy-drama had a great run with ten episodes till December. The story follows two urban dwellers who turn a huge run-down country estate into bed and breakfast only to find numerous spirits inhabiting it.

The tenth episode of the show saw Hetty accidentally possess Jay's body right before he and Sam are about to tour the estate to a wedding planner. The hilarious episode had some of the best actings from Utkarsh Ambudkar.

I miss watching #GhostsCBS every week.I can't wait for it to come back. 😭😭😭

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the next episode. Episode 11 of Ghosts will return on January 6, 2021, titled "Sam's Mom."

This episode will see Sam and Jay go where Sam's mom died to see if she is a ghost. Viewers can expect the same laid-back comic approach and brilliant acting to resume after the mid-season break.

2) NCIS (Season 19)

The long-running crime drama from CBS is at its 19th season right now. The show aired its mid-season finale on December 6, 2021, with "Collective Memory."

NCIS plot lines change with every episode. With its mid-season finale's case wrapped up, the episode releasing in January will see the team take on a brand new case.

The previous episode was emotional and unique, dealing with a dead woman's AI version helping the team solve the case. It also delved into the debate of gun ownership.


The next episode, to be released on January 3, 2022, is titled "Pledge of Allegiance." It will feature another fascinating case, this time dealing with stolen classified Navy software. The premise reads:

"NCIS is called in when Navy Chief Warrant Officer Rafi Nazar is suspected of trying to sell stolen classified Navy software used to pilot combat drones."

3) FBI (Season 4)

Brand new episodes of FBI coming soon (Image via CBS)
Brand new episodes of FBI coming soon (Image via CBS)

CBS' FBI had one of the best episodes of the show in the form of "Unfinished Business," the mid-season finale. The episode marked the return of an old enemy Vargas, who tries to hunt the team down. He manages to get Rina, who is critically wounded and goes into a coma in the process.

The mid-season finale left the fans here, eager to answer what happens to agent Rina. The upcoming episode in January may have answers to that. Vargas is still alive, indicating that their problems are far from over. The upcoming episode will deal with a different case, as suggested by the synopsis.

Titled "Fostered," it will delve into a string of jewelry store robberies resulting in a double murder. It is also set to dive into the impact of foster homes and their effects on young children.

Other shows are also set to resume their airing after the mid-season break. NCIS Hawai, The Neighbourhood, SWAT, FBI: Most Wanted, and The Equalizer. 2022 will have an exciting start.

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