Seo In-Young finally shuts down rumors involving IU and Jessi

Seo In-Young is a member of the K-Pop band Jewelry. (image via Instagram/@seoin0)
Seo In-Young is a member of the K-Pop band Jewelry. (image via Instagram/@seoin0)
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In a recent interview, Seo In-Young attempted to lay past rumors to rest once and for all.

South Korean singer, dancer and model Seon In-Young shot into the limelight when she debuted as a member of the K-Pop band Jewelry in 2002, whose hit numbers include “Super Star” and “I Really Like You”. The singer’s solo career, where she was known as Elly, was highlighted by her hit song “Cinderella.” Elly also famously appeared on the reality show We Got Married, with South Korean rapper Crown J as her “husband.”

Over the years, Seo In-Young has become embroiled in a number of controversies, two of which involve the actor-singer IU and K-pop darling Jessi.

Seo In-Young denies rumors involving IU and Jessi

Seo In-Young recently made an appearance on the IHQ variety show, “It’s On Us”, as a guest. In the game titled "True or False", the singer addressed the various rumors that have chased her, vehemently denying them.

SEO in Young Join the entertainment show on November 1. Female singer denies rumors of hitting IU and fighting with Jessi. In real life, Jessi and SEO in Young are also close friends. SEO in Young (Monday from left) in Jewelry group. #IU

The first rumor that Seo In-Young addressed involved IU, and the accusation that Seo In-Young had dragged IU to the bathroom to scold her. Denying the claim, the singer pointed out that unlike in the rumor, she doesn’t actually like staying in the waiting room, even if it is to ambush IU. She said:

"Apart from the fact that I'm nice or mean, I only think about myself. I'm usually not in the waiting room. It's uncomfortable for my juniors to come into my waiting room to greet me, and it's uncomfortable for me as well.”

Seo In-Young also stated how IU herself had denied this rumor, saying,

“IU also stated that this was not true in another [broadcast]. I think this [rumor] is so bizarre. Why drag someone to the bathroom? If I really wanted to hit someone, I would just hit them in the waiting room."

She then firmly laid the topic to rest, stating clearly,

"I never dragged IU to the bathroom."

The second rumor, involving the rapper Jessi, was “also funny” according to Seo In-Young. Stating that the pair had been friends for a long time, the singer denied all claims of almost starting a brawl with the rapper. Seo In-Young said,

"I saw Jessi when she was 17 years old. This is also funny. I have been close to Jessi since we were young and [our personalities] matched well. So we were able to joke on a TV program. If we weren't close, we would be polite and not even talk to each other."

According to the Cinderella singer,

"The reason why we had misunderstandings is because we joked pretty severely. I joked by [putting out] my chest and Jessi said we almost fought once. We didn't think too deeply of it, but things got out of hand."
stopp i thought iu and jessi had a fight😭 i remember seo in young the girl with blonde short hair in knowing bros.…

After hearing her statements, the MCs of the event too expressed their sympathies, calling it an “algorithm”. They said,

“If celebrities are embroiled in gossip, they only have to talk about it, right? But everyone tends to summon and connect it to the past. We think this is an algorithm.”

Check out the full video here:


Before suddenly contracting COVID back in June, Seo In-Young was prepping for a comeback this year. Addressing these rumors might be the first step before the singer-actor's return to the world of entertainment.

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