"She ain't lying tho": Netizens agree with Aubrey O'Day as she disses Addison Rae and Bhad Bhabie's music career 

What did Aubrey O
What did Aubrey O'Day say about Addison Rae and Bhad Bhabie? Details and netizens reactions explored. (Image via Instagram)

American singer Aubrey O'Day's recent comments on TikTok star Addison Rae and American rapper Bhad Bhabie have thrust her into the limelight. In an interview with SiriusXM, Aubrey O'Day lashed out at the two, claiming that they do not have any talent. She said:

“Beyonce can release a genius album, and the two biggest artists that have huge record deals are Addison Rae and Bhad Bhabie. OK, let’s stop pretending they have talent, please.”

At the same time, she also alluded to Addison’s "impressive" dance videos on TikTok and said:

“Maybe she should go with Gil and learn Janet Jackson’s choreography like we had to, or stand in front of Diddy, Jay-Z, or LA Reid and sing and prove yourself every day like I had to.”

During the interview, Aubrey O'Day made it clear that she is not a fan of Addison or Bhabie. Several netizens echoed the same sentiments about the two "not having any talent." One social media user took to Twitter and said:

“she ain't lying tho”
@lovelyti she ain't lying tho

Netizens react to Aubrey O'Day slamming Addison Rae and Bhad Bhabie for doing the bare minimum

In a world where no one hesitates to pass comments about their fellows in the industry, Aubrey O'Day also shared her opinion on Addison Rae and Bhad Bhabie by remarking that "everybody thinks they're a star" and that "everybody can be a star."

Speaking about the past, the Danity Kane singer said:

"You can fart the national anthem on TikTok and you're more famous than me, you're more relevant than me, you have bigger numbers than me. Congratulations. But the old school people that really had to fight through the gatekeepers every step of the way, there's a good group of us that have a little chip on our shoulder about how things have transitioned.”

Many social media users appeared to agree with Aubrey. Following her interview, Twitter and other social media platforms were also flooded with stories about how simple it is to sign a contract with a major brand. According to one netizen,

“Right is right she has a point. They are giving out recording contracts out like candy theses days."
@lovelyti Right is right she has a point. They are giving out recording contracts out like candy theses days
@quanita1986 @lovelyti The labels just want to make money anymore, they don’t care about talent like they used to.
@lovelyti I know that’s right Aubrey!!!!
@lovelyti She's right on this
@lovelyti I agree with every letter in each word that she spoke.
@lovelyti She’s speaking FACTS! 💯
@lovelyti She’s right! She’s right! And oh yeah, she’s right. Celebrities are a dying breed. Anyone with a camera can get notoriety.

Others dragged in the Addison Rae doll that was released a few months ago at Walmart and many other leading retailers.

@lovelyti I definitely agree. I’m not trying to hate but when I saw Addison Rae had a doll at Walmart I was alittle pissed. This chick got famous off of dances blk ppl made 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 so many more talented ppl on tiktok and they be giving it to one’s that have no real talent
@lovelyti They all do the bare minimum but still get paid

At the same time, a few also mentioned how the Kardashians are also in the same boat.

@lovelyti Look at Kim kardashian and the family

Talking about the numbers on social media, Addison Rae boasts a follower count of 88 million on TikTok and almost 40 million on Instagram. Bhad Bhabie, too, has 16.2 million followers on Instagram. However, Aubrey O'Day has 945K followers on Instagram.

Aubrey O'Day, best known for being a member of the girl group Danity Kane, is also known for her modeling work for magazines like Blender and Playboy. Furthermore, she has also performed on Broadway in Hairspray. Her appearances on shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Famously Single, Ex on the Beach, and British Celebrity Big Brother 18 have been much appreciated and loved by the audience.

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