"She was McMad": Florida McDonald's customer twerks out of rage over wrong order 

22-year-old pregnant Tianis Jones decided to twerk before leaving McDonald's Lakeland outlet (Image via @mcdonalds/Instagram and @polkcosheriff/Twitter)
22-year-old pregnant Tianis Jones decided to twerk before leaving McDonald's Lakeland outlet (Image via @mcdonalds/Instagram and @polkcosheriff/Twitter)
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A pregnant woman twerked at McDonald's in a fury at not receiving her Happy Meal on time. The incident happened in Lakeland, Florida, when the woman decided to destroy the restaurant's property and throw plastic cups at its employees.

The entire ordeal was recorded on the establishment's security camera, helping police issue a warrant for her arrest. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd addressed her behavior by saying:

"She was McMad"
PCSO is looking for Tianis Jones after she went McNuts in a Lakeland McDonald's Thursday (5/19). "When we find her she won't have any golden arches, but we'll give her some silver handcuffs." - Grady Judd, Sheriff. Video:…

Pregnant woman vandalized McDonald's outlet in anger


Pregnancy is complicated, both physically and mentally. The constant discomfort can cause some to become irritated and short-tempered. However, walking into a restaurant and destroying its property is a criminal offense, irrespective of whether someone is pregnant or not.

22-year-old Tianis Jones visited a McDonald's on Thursday, May 19, to get herself a happy meal. While her order took longer than anticipated, Jones decided to walk into the outlet to share her displeasure with the chain's employees.

She briefly discussed the employees and decided to knock over a plastic sign and several bottles off the counter. She later went behind the counter and destroyed some plastic cups. She threw some on the ground and flung some at others.

A woman (reported to be Jones' relative) tried to intervene and calm her down, but the angry mother decided to call 911.

Part of her 10-minute call included Jones saying:

"I'm 5 months pregnant. These people don’t know how to run a f**king McDonald's."

She left after being told to do so numerous times but decided to show off her pregnant belly and some twerking moves before leaving the premises.

Order up! #PCSO #RobbleRobble…

Sheriff Grady Judd shed light on the entire incident in a press conference held on Friday, May 20. The cop said:

"As Jones got to the exit, she turned towards the employees, lifted her shirt to expose her belly, then turned and began twerking at them."

He continued by saying:

"She didn’t get her Happy Meal or her fish sandwich or her chocolate shake, or her sweet tea, but she managed to get herself into a lot of McTrouble."

He added that her behavior could end up in jail, as "she committed a burglary and an assault, a first-degree felony." He joked about not knowing the reason that caused her to lash out in such a manner and said that she "created a McMess and acted like a McNut." He was also humored, saying that she "better not complain about the food" they provide inmates in the county jail.

The entire incident cost around $100 worth of damage to McDonald's outlet. Tianis has been charged with burglary with assault, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and misuse of 911 for her outburst.

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