When will McDonald's release the Pretzel McFlurry? Everything to know about the "salty and sweet" summer treat 

McDonald's is releasing a new Pretzel McFlurry (Image via @mcdonalds/Instagram and @dshimogawa/Twitter)
McDonald's is releasing a new Pretzel McFlurry (Image via @mcdonalds/Instagram and @dshimogawa/Twitter)
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McDonald's is launching a new McFlurry flavor this month. Pretzel McFlurry is set to provide customers with a unique blend of sweet and salty treats.

The chain serves ice cream and shakes in a wide variety of flavors, many of which join the menu for a limited amount of time. Similarly, Pretzel McFlurry will be available for a limited time after it begins selling on May 25.

McDonald's Pretzel McFlurry comes with pretzel bits and caramel swirls

New menu item ⁦@McDonaldsHawaii⁩ - Chocolate Pretzel McFlurry ⁦@McDonalds

Pretzel McFlurry is McDonald's first new McFlurry flavor of 2022. Launching just before Memorial Day, the dessert will start rolling out on May 25. The timing coincides perfectly with the summer solstice and the unofficial beginning of the summer season.

The base of this dessert will be vanilla soft serve ice cream mixed with chocolate-covered pretzel bits and caramel swirls. The company said in a press release:

"Each McFlurry is made with McDonald's creamy vanilla soft serve, mixed with chocolate-covered pretzel bits and topped with a rich caramel swirl."

The chain suggested pairing the ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie to add to the sweet part. Or take a salty risk by ordering it with some fries to dip.

The sweet treat will be available in regular and snack sizes, costing around $3.29 and $2.59, respectively. The calorie value for the regular will come to about 670 cal. It will be available at participating locations from 13,500 stores countrywide.

Pretzel McFlurry was briefly released in 2021


While the dessert will be more widely available this year, it saw a small release last year. McDonald's tested the waters for the flavor in select Southern California locations in August 2021.

YouTuber Ian K of Peep This Out featured the item in one of his videos from nine months ago, where he described it as refreshing and tasty. He scored the McFlurry 8 out of 10 while complimenting it for being cold, crunchy, savory, and salty - all at once.

Ian had one complaint with the item: all of the chunky bits kept settling on the bottom, which meant he had to dig it out with a spoon.

I miss the shamrock mcflurry, okay? I dont understand why it cant be year round ..

Fans who missed out on Shamrock Mcflurry, one of the other limited edition flavours, can get their hands on this latest addition. In February, McDonald's started selling the green dessert and finished it off in March, around St. Patrick's day.

Many were unable to get the dessert due to the restaurant's recurring ice cream machine problem. Customers will have to wait another year to get their hands on the sweet minty treat, made with a blend of mint ice cream and oreo cookies, but for now, they can enjoy the latest additions.

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