"She’s obviously sick": Fans criticize Marlo for claiming Kenya was lying about her health in RHOA Episode 6

Marlo Hampton (Image via Instagram/@marlohampton)
Marlo Hampton (Image via Instagram/@marlohampton)

RHOA Season 14 returned for an all-new dramatic episode on Sunday night. Titled Don't Be Sea Salty, Marlo Hampton accused Kenya Moore of faking sickness. But fans supported Kenya, calling Marlo insensitive and childish.

In Episode 6, Sheree is devastated after her long-time boyfriend Tyrone stood her up. When Marlo heard the news, she decided it was right to throw the RHOA star a pampering session to help her heal. Kenya and Marlo planned an in-house shopping session for Sheree, a foot massage, and some good food.

Kenya was running late and wondering what had happened; Marlo called her. The RHOA star shared that she was glammed up and ready to come but felt sick, and she couldn't make it.

Marlo found it odd that Kenya had her make-up on even though she claimed she was sick. When Sheree arrived, the RHOA star told her about Kenya and how she found it weird that she was in full glam.

Later in the episode, everyone met up at Shanya's get-together. Even though it was just a day after Kenya claimed she was sick, she showed up at this event. She shared that the doctor told her to take a Covid-19 test. Since it came negative, she decided to come.

Marlo questioned Kenya as to why she had her make-up on if she was sick. Kenya shared that she had her glam on because she was getting ready to come to her place when she started to feel sick. But that wasn't enough for Marlo and Sheree, who claimed they felt betrayed.

Fans who watched the episode slammed Marlo for accusing Kenya of lying. They claimed that Kenya did look legitimately sick.

Fans claimed Kenya was sick and Marlo was wrong for accusing her on RHOA

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Kenya did look and sound sick. Some also added that Marlo was behaving childishly by accusing Kenya of lying.

Wasn’t the “self care day” Kenya’s idea anyway? Her intentions were good. She’s obviously sick. Be happy she didn’t show up. #RHOA
Kenya clearly sounded sick but Marlo sounds like she smokes a pack of Marlboros a day so of course she couldn’t tell 😂 #RHOA
You know I'm not a Kenya fan but I don't think she was lying when she said she was sick. She said she was coming but then felt sick so I can see if she had makeup & hair done.Marlo was wrong for that.#RHOA
You could hear in Kenya’s voice she was sick, Marlo is a mess #RHOA
Marlo I am sick of you. You the jealous one. Always got to talk about #Kenya and she ain’t stand you. #RHOA
Sheree and Marlo are being childish. Why would y’all want Kenya all in y’all face if she’s sick #RHOA
These ladies are barking up the WRONG tree! Kenya’s intentions were pure and genuine! Damn the lady was sick! #RHOA @KenyaMoore
Now how they gon be mad cause Kenya was sick?! She was the 1st one to support Sheree #RHOA
Well. I am on Kenya’s side with this sick situation. Marlo and Sheree need to build a bridge and get over it . #RHOA
Wasn’t the “self care day” Kenya’s idea anyway? Her intentions were good. She’s obviously sick. Be happy she didn’t show up. #RHOA
Wasn’t the “self care day” Kenya’s idea anyway? Her intentions were good. She’s obviously sick. Be happy she didn’t show up. #RHOA

More details on what happened this week on RHOA

During the pampering session, Marlo talked with Sheree. She told her to block Tyrone's number because she deserved someone better who would treat her right. During their get-together at Sanya's house, Sheree shared that she was upset that Kandi didn't call her to find out how she was doing.

Marlo and Sheree were so upset with Kandi and Kenya that they stormed out of the event to badmouth the duo. Marlo called Kandi a h*e, claiming she slept with someone for free. She also claimed Kenya was a h*e for boasting about being Miss. The USA to get rappers, but was rejected by them.

Meanwhile, things are still shaky between Drew Sidora and Sanya after their last falling out in New York. Next week, when the series returns, viewers will see how the dinner goes after Drew shows up.

RHOA airs every Sunday at 8 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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