"She's the one stirring the pot": RHOBH fans shocked after Garcelle accused Crystal of setting Sutton up 

Garcelle Beauvais (Image via Instagram/@garcelle)
Garcelle Beauvais (Image via Instagram/@garcelle)
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RHOBH returned for another dramatic episode on Wednesday night. This week, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, and Crystal Kung Minkoff's friends saw an unexpected turn. Just when things seemed to look like they were going well for Sutton and Crystal, their past came to haunt them back.

The controversial conversation about racial stereotypes that the duo had in Season 11 came back to besiege them during this week's episode of RHOBH. What was even more unexpected for viewers was that Garcelle was the cause of this topic's resurrection.

It all started when Crystal met the housewives at Kyle Richard's desert home. She explained to the housewives that by policing Sutton's reaction to Dorit's home theft, they were doing the exact same thing they did to her last season.

While everyone apologized to Crystal and hoped that things would get normal after this conversation, Garcelle had her opinion to share. She said,

"When you and Sutton had your thing. I felt like no matter what she said—she could've said the sky is blue—you were going to say, 'Are you that girl?' 'cause I just felt like it was a set up."

Garcelle pinpointed what Crystal told Sutton after the RHOBH star said there was no need to talk about racial stereotypes, claiming everyone had to deal with it. Crystal's exact words to Sutton during the Season 11 argument were,

"Are you one of those people that you don't see color? Tell me you're not that girl."

Since their argument in 2021, Sutton has apologized for her comments. She also shared that she is committed to becoming a better listener to understand the painful realities that people of color experience. Sutton and Crystal have since made up.

Crystal was shocked to hear Garcelle's claim. She asked the RHOBH star,

"Now that you know me, do you still think that?"

Garcelle replied, saying she didn't know yet, which left viewers taken aback again. Things only took a worse turn as Crystal tried to defend herself. She added that Sutton had said a lot more prior to that argument.

Curiously, the RHOBH stars asked Crystal to reveal what Sutton told her. She didn't want to open up about the argument. This caused them to get upset with her again. Erika told,

"When you say 'I don't want to say what it is,' you allow the person that you just told it to, to fill in the blanks with the worst possible sh*t ever. If it's that bad, then don't fu**ing bring it up at all."

After the argument, Crystal remained quiet for the rest of the episode. Even when Garcelle and Kyle confronted Sutton during a party, Crystal never said anything.

Fans who watched the episode slammed Garcelle for accusing Crystal of setting up Sutton for the argument.

Fans were taken aback by Garcelle's accusation toward Crystal on RHOBH

Taking to Twitter, fans were shocked and claimed that Garcelle was stirring the pot. Some also criticized the star for her accusations.

Not garcelle stirring the pot with Kyle this season! A little shocking she said crystal set Sutton up. #RHOBH
Garcelle I am a big fan… but you were the pot stirrer tonight with that Crystal thing #rhobh
Garcelle calling Kyle a Pot Stirrer… yeh ok hun. Stood in front of a mirror? #RHOBH
These women are insufferable. Garcelle don’t fall for the executive producer pot-stirring pot #rhobh
Garcelle is the pot stirrer. #RHOBH
I feel like Garcelle is stirring the pot hardcore #RHOBH
Nothing about that conversation felt like Crystal was setting Sutton up...perfect example of Garcelle stirring the pot #RHOBH
Uh, I love #Garcelle but she's the one stirring the pot 🍯. @GarcelleB @KyleRichards @SuttonBStracke #RHOBH
I don’t think it was right for Garcelle to accuse Crystal of staging it. Also don’t think it’s right to make a comment about Sutton without providing details. Both are wrong here. And I won’t get into Kyle because she’s always sketchy af #RHOBH
I don’t understand why these women continue to come after Crystal … and I’m more flabbergasted Garcelle stared this mess…. #RHOBH
@LoveAndyC Not Cool! What's up with that!! Garcelle had Her shady boots on again #RHOBH 🤣💎

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