Shinhwa's Andy informs fans about his marriage through a hand-written letter

Shinhwa's maknae Andy Lee (Image via Channel Korea/Pinterest)
Shinhwa's maknae Andy Lee (Image via Channel Korea/Pinterest)

Netizens and fans from across the world were shocked to hear Shinhwa's Andy announce his marriage. The K-pop idol took to Instagram to inform his followers and fans about his plans to get married through a lovely handwritten letter.

Here's a translation of the letter:

"Hello, this is Shinhwa's Andy.
"2022 will mark the 24th year since I met our Shinhwa Changjo as a member of the group Shinhwa. Throughout the years, there have been various events, but I am only the person I am today thanks to the endless love and support that you all gave to me. I sincerely thank you for that.
"Today, I am here to deliver news that I wanted you all to hear from me first. I have found someone with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. This person makes me smile when I am facing hardship, and this person cherishes me so much. So from now on, I plan to live a life of togetherness, rather than one living alone. I hope that you will please congratulate me on my new beginning in life, and look upon us with warm gazes. I intend to show you a good side of me unchangingly as a member of Shinhwa."

There's very little information available as to who Andy's fiance is. Many media outlets and reports have speculated that his finance is a person who's worked nine years as an announcer.

Meanwhile, his agency, TOP Media, released a statement stating that Andy was dating an announcer with the intention to marry her. It makes Andy the third member from the boy band to get hitched.

This unexpected news by Shinhwa's Andy has taken fans and netizens by surprise.

Fans react to Shinhwa's Andy's marriage announcement

Fans and netizens can't seem to not react to this unexpected piece of news. Despite coming as a surprise, fans expressed how they felt about it. While some fans are still in disbelief, many congratulated and wished well for Andy as he enters this new chapter in his life.

OMG SHINHWA鈥檚 ANDY GET MARRIED. aaaaaaa congrats 馃コ馃コ馃コ
So happy that Shinhwa's maknae found someone to share his life with. 鈽猴笍 Congratulations, Andy!
Good news from Shinhwa's maknae, be happy Andy Oppa with your love one
#SHINHWA鈥檚 ANDY is getting married 馃憦
Shinhwa's Andy is getting married! 鉁

Introducing Andy, Shinhwa's maknae

Known to be the youngest member of K-pop's most famous boyband Shinhwa, singer Andy, also known as Andy Lee or Lee Sun-ho, is loved and respected in the K-pop community. The 40-year-old has also made this debut in acting and other forms of entertainment. Besides being a member of Shinhwa, he's also been involved with forming boybands like Top Teen, 100%, UP10TION, and more.

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