Skye Townsend's Christmas Party Crashers: Who stars in the BET+ drama film?

Skye Townsend
A poster for Christmas Party Crashers (Image via BET+)

BET+ has a new Christmas flick, titled Christmas Party Crashers, coming out on Thursday, November 17, 2022, but this one isn't your average festive rom-com.

The film follows two grifters who agree to help each other accomplish their respective missions after gatecrashing a millionaire's Christmas party together. However, fate has other plans for them, as the two end up falling for one another.

The trailer for the film shows Skye Townsend and Jaime M Callica bumping into each other outside a millionaire's Christmas party. The two sneak into the party and are eventually seen revealing their respective motives. While Jaime has his eyes set on the millionaire's daughter, Skye intends on getting the latter to invest in her business.


Agreeing to help each other achieve their goals, Skye and Jaime start working on their con, posing to be an organizer and a designer, but over time, they begin to develop feelings for each other. Whether they end up together or not, and the hilarious events that unfold, form the rest of the story.

Without further ado, let's explore the cast list of the film.

Diesel Madkins and Kajuana S Marie star in Christmas Party Crashers alongside Townsend and Callica

1) Skye Townsend as Tara

Skye Townsend, best known for her role as Jade Taylor on BET's 8 Days a Week, will be seen as Tara in Christmas Party Crashers. Apart from being an actor who has appeared in films and TV shows such as Playin' for Love, Lucifer, Chase, A Black Lady Sketch Show, and iCarly, Skye Townsend is also a singer who has put out two EPs.

2) Jaime M Callica as Tre

An entertainer since the age of 2, Jaime Callica started his performing career as a dancer. He would eventually discover his love for acting and would go on to be a part of projects like Ruthless, Meeting Mr Christmas, Hypnotic, Batwoman, Nancy Drew, and Lucifer, to name a few. He will be seen as Tre in Christmas Party Crashers.

3) Diesel Madkins as Elliot Everest

An actor who has credited appearances in films and TV shows such as Venom, Global Caper - A Self Taped Movie, Manhunt, Revolution, Mike, Cobra Kai, and Scream: The TV Series, among others, Diesel Madkins will be seen as Elliot Everest, the millionaire whose party Skye and Jaime sneak into in Christmas Party Crashers.

4) Kajuana S Marie as London Everest

Kajuana Marie is an actor who, at the tender age of 10, played Nala in the hit Broadway musical Lion King. With credited appearances on TV shows such as Terror Lake Drive, Kingdom Business, Sauce, and Triggered, to name a few, Kajuana will be seen as London Everest, Elliot's daughter, and Tre's initial love interest, in the rom-com.

Apart from the aforementioned actors, Christmas Party Crashers will see the following artists in key roles:

  • Cocoa Brown as Rhonda
  • Deja Dee as Sapphire Everest
  • Terence Davis as Canyon
  • Pam Smith as Diahann
  • Natalie W Baker as Carolina
  • Renell Michael White as Calvin

Nigel Barto, Tina Camp, Timesa Evans, John K Gary, Omari Wallace, Lloyd Weema, Chandra Gaines, and Shanita Wilburn are also a part of Christmas Party Crashers, though their roles haven't been disclosed.

The romantic Christmas flick is set to air on BET+ on Thursday, November 17, 2022, so don't forget to catch this one!

Edited by Prem Deshpande
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