SM Entertainment denies rumors about EXO's Chanyeol, threatens legal action 

The agency has distanced the idol from the incident (Image via SM Entertainment)
The agency has distanced the idol from the incident (Image via SM Entertainment)

EXO member Chanyeol's agency firmly denies all rumors of the idol's alleged rude behavior towards a female influencer.

On April 26, motorcycle influencer and YouTuber Jang Si-nae was invited as a guest on Channel S's show Real Granny. On the show, she claimed that a famous idol had threatened and behaved rudely to her while she was on the way to her job.

The YouTuber did not name EXO's Chanyeol as the person in question

Jang Si-nae said,

“One time, I was driving a small scooter on the way to work, and a foreign car was intentionally driving in a threatening manner. I sensed danger, so I avoided the car, [but the driver] suddenly made a rude gesture with his finger.”

The YouTuber allegedly went on to chase the car only to realize that the driver was a popular idol. She continues,

“I chased after the driver, and I approached the foreign car that was on standby at a traffic light to knock on the window and ask, ‘Why did you curse at me?’ When I did that, the driver pushed down his hood and only continued to curse at me with his finger. However, I realized he was a very famous idol. He was such a famous idol that I think I would be buried the moment his name comes out of my mouth.”

A vlog (now deleted) showing the incident was released shortly after the episode aired. In the video, an unidentified male can be seen showing the motorcyclist the middle finger from inside his car. Despite the car's tinted windows making it difficult for the viewers to identify who the idol really was, the internet had many guesses.


While Jang Si-nae took no names, it did not take long for rumors to surface online, with many claiming that the "famous idol" was none other than EXO member Chanyeol, going by the make of the car and the shape of the hand.

SM Entertainment denies claims of the idol being involved

Not long after the rumors flooded the internet, a source from SM Entertainment, the agency which Chanyeol and EXO is signed under, rubbished the claims. They vehemently denied the idol's involvement with the incident, stating,

“The figure within the relevant video is not Chanyeol.”

The agency said it would pursue legal action against those spreading false rumors.

“The vehicle is completely different from the car owned by Chanyeol. We will take strong legal action against the spread of false information.”

Several have come out in support of the idol since the post of SM ENTERTAINMENT.

Meanwhile, the EXO idol himself is currently in the military, having enlisted for compulsory military service in March 2021.

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