"Smoother way to soda": PepsiCo recruits TikToker Khaby Lame for Nitro Pepsi campaign 

Pepsi ropes in TikTok star Khaby Lame for its Nitro Pepsi campaign (Images via Pepsi)
Pepsi ropes in TikTok star Khaby Lame for its Nitro Pepsi campaign (Images via Pepsi)

Khaby Lame's silent charm has almost become his brand identity, transgressing all barriers across languages and cultures. It's also the reason he has the second-highest number of followers on TikTok.

After sealing brand deals with Mark Zuckerberg and Hugo Boss, the TikToker is now partnering with Pepsi for their nationwide promotion of Nitro Pepsi ahead of its March 28 release.

Khaby Lame joins "A Smoother Way to Soda" campaign

#NitroPepsi and @KhabyLame introduce: A Smoother Way to Soda.Which foam ‘stache look 👀 are you?

Pepsi modified its previous marketing strategy of enlisting Hollywood talent for ad campaigns to turn its sights to social media influencers who have more sway with younger audiences.

The MNC identified Khaby Lame as the fastest-growing global account on TikTok, with 135.1 million followers.

Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer at Pepsi, said in a press statement:

“Since Khaby Lame is known for pointing out the obvious with the use of his signature hand gestures, we felt he was the perfect person to show the world Nitro Pepsi is a simple solution for those who prefer less carbonation than that of a traditional cola.”

In true Khaby Lame fashion, the influencer wordlessly demonstrates, step-by-step, how to pour the new Nitro Pepsi in the promotional TikTok video. The backdrop of the bar adds to the drink's premium positioning as "the first-ever nitrogen-infused cola that's actually softer than a soft drink."


Once poured and chilled, Nitro Pepsi is designed to have an easier, smoother, and creamier flavor than other sodas. The drink's signature cascade of tiny bubbles and a frothy foam head is manufactured using widget technology placed at the bottom of the can.

Pepsi has been developing this innovative technology, which was previously only used in beer and coffee products, since 2019, with the vision of revolutionizing soda. It claims that this is the first time this technology has been applied to soda.

All of the promotional advertisements for Nitro Pepsi, which is marketed as an "experience" rather than just a drink, were shot by renowned photographer Dave LaChapelle.

This includes Khaby Lame's campaign, which will be featured on billboards in Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas, as well as print spreads in publications like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, and The New Yorker.


Pepsi is going all-out for the "A Smoother Way to Soda" campaign, airing its first national TV ad for Nitro Pepsi during the Oscars Pre-Show on March 27.

The national expansion includes experiential activations prior to its official nationwide release on March 28. The Linq Promenade's Sky Lounge at the High Roller Observation Wheel on the Vegas strip will have the nitro-infused cola on tap from March 25.

The soda will be available in two flavors, Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola, retailing for $2.29 for single-serve cans and $6.49 for the four-pack.

Nitro Pepsi's extravagant product launch comes just a month after its rival Coca-Cola announced its space-flavored cola, Starlight. The new innovation was part of Cola Cola's Creations program that created limited-run experimental flavors, along with accompanying digital and real-world experiences.

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