Snoop on the Stoop doll: Where to buy, price, and all about viral Snoop Dogg Elf On A Shelf

Snoop on the stoop (Image via Facebook)
Snoop on the stoop (Image via Facebook)

This year a Snoop Dogg elf doll "Snoop on the stoop" is causing a frenzy among festive-time shoppers. Inspired by the elf on the shelf, Chris Milnes from, created a collectable elf doll of Snoop Dogg. The company specializes in making 3D projects and pop culture merchandise.

The Snoop Dogg elf doll was first introduced in November

Later, a bigger version was added to the collection. The dolls are handmade with 3D printed heads.

Unlike the elf on the shelf doll, the "Snoop on the stoop" doll has two uniforms made in felt fabric. One comes in a Christmas green outfit with black sunglasses and the other dons a royal purple costume with gold sunglasses. Both varieties have two long braids on the side of their heads. In line with Snoop Dogg's aesthetics, the doll also holds a rolling blunt.

The dolls come in two sizes. The standard size is 16-inches and is priced at $99.99. The 32-inch super size doll is priced at $199.99. A similar product is available on Etsy for $99 by CoteCoutureLTD.

Snoop on the Stoop doll (Image via Etsy)
Snoop on the Stoop doll (Image via Etsy)

These handmade dolls are made using polymer clay. The seller clarified in the product's description that pre-orders would not reach buyers before Christmas. Anyone who desperately wishes to get it before December 25 will have to pay $200 extra.

Internet reacts to the doll

Fans went crazy when the doll started to go viral. The dolls perfectly capture Snoop Dogg's aesthetic while putting a twist on the 'elf on the shelf' tradition.

The rapper's fans loved the item and have since bought enough dolls for it to be sold out on the website two weeks before Christmas. Snoop Dogg hasn't made any comments about his elf dolls. As of now, fans are still hoping and requesting a re-stock of the product.

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