"So LeeKnow Coded": Stray Kids' Lee Know garners attention for his censored outfit during the S-Class performance

Stray Kids
Stray Kids' Lee Know for 5-STAR comeback stage (Image via Twitter/@Stray_Kids, @MINHORIZON)

Stray Kids' Lee Know has never failed to impress his fans with unique stage outfits during every comeback showcase, and this time is no different. The eight-member K-pop boy group finally rolled out their much-awaited third studio album, 5-STAR, which has S-Class as its title track.

During their first comeback stage at KBS' Music Bank, fans immediately fell in love with the song's concept, choreography, and especially its themed outfits.


However, as fans took a closer look, they were delighted to see the stylists adding to Lee Know's "cat agenda" - something that fans love to keep up with.

The idol sported a pair of jeans that had a cat printed on the left thigh. But what was more hilarious is that the original print had the cat showing its middle finger, which Stray Kids' stylists deliberately censored.

Fans love the censored stage outfit that Stray Kids' Lee Know adorned for their S-Class stage performance

From the concept photos to the teaser videos for the twelve tracks sitting in the album, 5-STAR had already promised to be quite exciting back when it was being teased, and the result was no lower than these sky-high expectations.

While Stray Kids' performance on the comeback stage was much talked about, Lee Know's outfit for their S-Class performance was a topic that garnered just as much attention.

Fans who've been following Stray Kids for a while would be aware of the fact that Lee Know's representative animal has been a cat. This doesn't just come from his cat-like behavior that the idol often showcases, but also from the fact that the idol has three cats and owns quite a handful of cat-themed products.

While this was a tradition that was majorly only followed between the idol and his fans, they were quite surprised and delighted to see his stylists implementing it in his clothes. The jeans, produced by a company called RIPNDIP, featured a cat holding up its middle finger. However, given that the jeans also had sprinkles printed all over them, the stylists creatively hid the middle finger with one such sprinkle.

Fans found the entire series of events absolutely hilarious, and are sure that this would definitely go down the list of Lee Know's iconic stage outfits. In light of the same, fans also revive the idol's "cat agenda" by posting memes, videos, and other content on social media platforms.

In other news, Stray Kids' latest album, 5-STAR, continues to receive much love and support from fans.

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