"Someone they knew!!": Teen Mom: The Next Chapter fans are shocked as Cheyenne Floyd says someone tried to kill her 

Someone close to Cheyenne tried to kill her and her loved ones (Image via cheynotshy /Instagram)
Someone close to Cheyenne tried to kill her and her loved ones (Image via cheynotshy /Instagram)

Tonight on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, fans were exposed to the journeys of their favorite Teen Moms. Cheyenne Floyd was seen celebrating her daughter Ryder's birthday with Wharton. She also revealed that she had a baby named Ace with her current fiance Zach.

The young mother confessed that someone she knew tried to kill her kids, Zach, and herself. She said they were in the car when she spotted a green beam on Zach's face, which she tried to ignore at first. The couple quickly realized that it was a beam emitting from a gun and looked over at the man aiming the gun. It was someone they knew who had been at their home.

After multiple shots at the back of the car, the police were unsure how all of them survived. Cheyenne and Zach were also seen going to the courtroom and were anxious about seeing the accused shooter in court for the first time since the attack. The couple knew they could not be angry at him, which frustrated them.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter fans were shocked by the ordeal and were concerned about the young couple.

who would want zach d*ead? 😳and why? 👀👀 #TeenMomNextChapter #TeenMom

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter fans support Cheyenne and Zach in their difficult time

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter fans took to Twitter to support the young couple and demanded more answers about the attacker.

ok, who tried to kill Cheyenne? #TeenMom #Teenmomog
That shit is wildddd! Someone they knew!! #teenmom #TeenMomNextChapter
😩😩😩😩😮 Somebody THEY KNEW tried to "OFF" them & with their babies in the car????! What the hell?!!! #TeenMomNextChapter #TeenMom
omg. 🥺 my heart is breaking for Cheyenne & her family. #TeenMom
🫢🫢🫢who tried to kill zach!? and why wasn’t this on the news??? #TeenMomNextChapter #TeenMom
I'm so glad @itskcheyenne and her family are okay. That is mad scary and someone you know shooting at you? Omg that's horrible #TeenMomNextChapter #TeenMomOG #TeenMom2 #TeenMom
well was it a robbery or something? cause i’m not understanding the end game. i hope they arrested that fool. #TeenMomNextChapter #TeenMom

What happened on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter tonight?

Tonight on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, the eight girls decided to host a group chat over a video call. Amber shared that her daughter, Leah, had asked her for space the previous year. She did talk to her sometimes but did not want to push her away, so she kept the communication flow very slow.

Leah invited Amber to her birthday party, and Amber felt that it was a significant step forward. She remembered the good old times after seeing Leah cut her cake and gifted her a sage stick and a toy. She left the party early to make things less awkward.

She later said in a confessional that she finally got the hug she wanted. Leah also said that she was happy that things did not turn out to be awkward.

The episode description reads,

"Amber, Catelynn, Maci, Cheyenne, Leah, Briana, Ashley, & Jade all come together and start a Group chat to stay in touch. Briana wins the lawsuit against a former Teen Mom 2 cast member."

Maci revealed that she and Taylor lived a hectic lifestyle with their three kids. They decided to plan a date night and left their eldest son Bently in charge of the kids. They asked him to show some responsibility because they were not hiring a babysitter. The couple secretly enjoyed their date in the garage and checked on the kids via a video camera.

After a lot of chaos, the couple returned home and confronted the younger kids about their rude behavior directed toward their older brother. Maci said that as her kids turned 16, she understood how immature she was when she had her first child.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter will air its first 15-episode season every Tuesday on MTV at 8 pm ET.

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