"Sorry that your girlfriends like me more": Bryce Hall clarifies tweet after Logan Paul reacts to TikToker's kissing video with Josie Canseco

Bryce Hall disses Logan Paul after kissing Paul's ex Josie Canseco (Images via Sportskeeda and Instagram)
Bryce Hall disses Logan Paul after kissing Paul's ex Josie Canseco (Images via Sportskeeda and Instagram)

Impaulsive podcast host Logan Paul shaded TikToker Bryce Hall after the latter was seen kissing Logan’s ex- girlfriend Josie Canseco. The two gentlemen were spotted with the same model on several occasions. Bryce Hall took to Twitter today saying:

“im sorry that your girlfriends like me more.”

Fans were quick to assume that the former Sway House member directed the tweet at Logan Paul. Hall was spotted kissing Canseco during his 22nd birthday party. Paul and Canseco were spotted together several times last year but their on and off relationship ended in November 2020.

Logan Paul jokingly dissed the TikToker, assuming he was dating Canseco. In a video which was circulating online, Paul and his friend mocked Bryce Hall and the model.

“What would their ship name be? Brosie!”

Bryce Hall retracts former tweet

After fans made assumptions about the Maryland-native's tweet, Hall took to Twitter to clarify his statement. Bryce Hall said:

“this tweet wasn’t directed at one person, it’s directed at everyone lol chill.”

Bryce Hall was also recently linked to influencer Riley Hubatka. The two have been spotted together since June 2021. Hall and Hubatka were seen locking lips in a nightclub. As the video of the two together began circulating online, fans of Hall assumed that the two were dating. Hubatka also appeared in several of Hall’s YouTube videos.

Riley Hubatka clarified the rumors of the two dating, joking that Bryce Hall was only using her for “clickbait.” Since then, Hall has been spotted with Josie Conseco.

Bryce Hall went on the BFFs podcast where he spoke about his relationship with Conseco, a Victoria’s Secret model. He said:

“Me and Josie are good friends. We’re hanging out, we’re vibing. We’ve been to a couple of things together.”

Logan Paul spoke about Bryce Hall and Josie Conseco in his Impaulsive podcast. While speaking about their previous relationship with co-host Mike Majlak, Paul said:

“We both break up with our girlfriends. My ex starts seeing a TikToker, his gets pregnant. Which is worse?”

As Logan Paul and Bryce Hall continue to diss each other online, people speculate about a boxing match between the two.

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